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Daily Rates

Here are the BECTU guidelines for UK freelancers, which IAWF endorses, agreed in discussions with the BBC.

As of September 2016 (when this was last discussed) the minimum suggested rates for the two categories of wildlife camerapeople are:

Competent: £286 per day
Experienced: £382 per day

This is of course without any kit. Do make sure to charge for hire of any of your stuff used on production!

Of course there are camerapeople, particularly some of those just starting out, who have been charging very much less. Remember that a supermarket promoting a loss leader can quickly make up their original loss by marking up many products which it can sell over again, but you can only get each filming day once. It is not sustainable if you cannot make a living from your earnings. Anything below these rates would be way under the minimum wage, so we suggest you be very careful before marking your rate down and certainly do so only once, perhaps to bring your abilities to the attention of a particular client.

Remember also that when people do this it makes it harder for everyone else to earn a living.

Good luck and remember that if you need negotiation or business advice do not be afraid to ask the committee.

Travel Days

Travel days abroad should always be billed as a full day because you are unable to be working elsewhere. These are often arduous days where your physical endurance and experience may be essential.

Likewise any of your main equipment on location with you is unavailable for other work so should be billed at the full rate.

In the past some productions have requested camerapeople charge less or nothing at all for travel time. These days it is generally recognised that freelancers should not give up their free time for a production. This is something we should all insist on.

For travel of a few hours in your home country, such as driving to location the evening before to be ready for an early start, a half day rate is reasonable, at your discretion, when you have an opportunity to get other work done at your base or elsewhere.

Footage / Archive Guideline Rates

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