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Daniel Dugmore

Assistant / Lighting Cameraman

Fordingbridge, United Kingdom

Daniel is a driven and creative camera operator, an experienced and dedicated naturalist with in-depth academic and professional experience of African wildlife with specialist knowledge of big cats, Elephants and on the ground experience of the intricate interdependencies of the natural world.
Extensive experience with a unique ability for self sufficiency in challenging environments. Proven ability to manage complex environmental challenges with local communities and customs while meeting objectives. Excellent knowledge of operational requirements in remote and austere environments.
In 2016 Daniel was employed as full time photographer & videographer a safari-travel marketing management company based in remote Botswana. He developed a range of photographic techniques and honed his wildlife tracking and animal behaviour skills. Daniel is respectful and upbeat with excellent


mobile: +44   07873672623




16mm,  35mm,  Adventure,  Animal Behaviour,  Birds in Flight,  Camera Loading and Assistant Work,  Expedition,  Final Cut Pro,  Long Lens,  Remote Camera Trap,  Remote Shooting,  Reptiles,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Wild/Dangerous animals,  Wilderness experience.


Red Scarlet, Lumix S1H, DJI Espire, Mavic, Ronin, Timelapse equipment, remote cameras and camera traps, a range of lenses from super-wide to long lens..