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Kalyan Varma

Lighting Cameraman

Bangalore, India

Kalyan Varma is an award winning wildlife photographer, filmmaker and conservationist specialising in environment ecology and conservation in India. He freelances with many of the world's leading magazines environmental NGOs and television channels like Nat Geo and BBC.

He has worked on many landmark blue chip wildlife series for international broadcasters like the BBC Discovery Channel and National Geographic channel. Over the years Kalyan Varma has received numerous awards for his work. He is the recipient of BBC wildlife photographer of the year award for plants category best in Animal behaviour in Poral el Planeta and Sanctuary 'Wildlife Photographer of the year' award.

He collaborates with wildlife scientists conservationists policy makers activists and educators on conservation action activism documentation books and film projects. Kalyan is a honorary associate with Nature Conservation Foundation.

Credits and Experience

BBC Big Cats

2017 - Primary Cameraman.

ORF Sky River of Himalayas

2016, Primary Camera and and assistant producer

BBC - India, Nature's wonderland

BBC two - 3 part series. - Primary cameraman and presentor

BBC Monsoon Series

2014 - Camera, sound, time-lapses and location assistant producer.

Body Bizarre

Barcroft Productions for Discovery Channel, 2013 - Principle photography and Director

BBC Life Stories - Courtship

Episode 5 - Additional photography

Secrets of Wild India - Desert Lions

Icon films for National Geographic Channel, 2011 - Additional photography and field producer

Secrets of Wild India - Tiger Forests

Icon films for National Geographic Channel, 2011 - Additional photography and field producer

Wildest India

OffTheFence for Discovery, 2011 - Researcher and fixer

One Million Snake Bites

2009, BBC Natural World - Additional Cameraman

Chasing the Monsoon - BBC Multi-platform web production, 2009

Paul Williams and Kalyan Varma embark on a journey to follow the monsoons as they hit the Western coast of India and follow its journey up the mainland.

Mountains of the Monsoon - BBC Natural World 2008

Mountains Of The Monsoon follows the wildlife of the Western Ghats, from the peaks of the High Ranges, where the drama of the Nilgiri tahr rut—never before fully captured on camera—takes place during the height of the monsoon, to the thick shola forests, home to the highly endangered Lion-Tailed Macaque, to the dry deciduous forests at the foothills of the mountains, where elephants and other wildlife wait in expectation for the coming deluge.


mobile: +91   919845132740




Animal Behaviour,  Long Lens,  Timelapse.


Varicam 35,  Sony FS7.