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Ryan Atkinson

Lighting Cameraman

London, United Kingdom

I’m an award winning hostile environments trained Lighting Cameraman, GSS Operator and drone pilot working across wildlife, expedition, and science filmmaking. With lots of experience on both shoulder and sticks, a highly trained photographic eye and proven technical competency, I film the crossover between the natural world and people, specialising in covering stories of positive engagement across species and geographic boundaries. Core skills include long lens, sync, gimbal, and aerial photography. A particular specialist in rope-access, expedition and mountain camerawork, and working in extreme environments, I also regularly work in more down-to-earth settings and have broad experience ranging from blue-chip natural history all the way through to commercials. Credit highlights include award winning shows such as Planet Earth II and Our Planet. I have worked under almost all climatic conditions across high altitude, arctic, desert, jungle and savannah.

Credits and Experience

The Molecule That Made Us - Passion Planet for PBS/Nat Geo (2018-2019) (Long Lens, Sync, Aerial, gimbal, macro)

Director of Photography for a number of major sequences across three episodes of landmark conservation series on water. Including blue chip behaviour, conservation projects, scientists and contributors. Sequences include Globeskimmer Dragonflies, Satellite animal tracking, and the geology of Greenland and Iceland.

Perfect Planet - Silverback Films for BBC (2017-2019) (Long Lens, Gimbal, Aerial, Macro, Slider, Sync, Camera Traps)

Various behavioral and scenic sequences for Perfect Planet including arctic foxes in Canada, hippos and crocodiles in E.Africa, crabs on Christmas Island, and general rainforest scenes in Borneo.

Frozen Planet 2 - BBC NHU for BBC 1 (2019) (Aerial)

Aerial photography of polar bears in Svalbard for new major landmark series exploring the frozen areas of our planet.

Green Planet - BBC NHU for BBC 1 (2019) (Macro)

Macro and general photography for a sequence on urban plants and industrial regrowth for new landmark BBC series on plant life around the world.

Disney Nature: Polar Bear Silverback Films for Disney (2019-2020) (Long Lens, Aerial)

Drone, sync and long lens work for major landmark feature film about the life of Polar Bears. Ongoing work throughout 2019 until 2021.

Our Planet - Silverback Films for Netflix (2016) (Long Lens, Stedicam)

Various animal behaviour sequences across arctic, jungle and savannah regions.

The Hunt – Silverback Films for BBC 1 (2014) (Macro, Stedicam, Cable Dolly).

Spiders, Chameleons and other insect predators in Madagascar for landmark David Attenborough Series. MoVi Operator, Cable Cam Rigger.

One Strange Rock Nutopia for National Geographic (2017) (Timelapse, Long Lens)

Various shoots in Europe and Africa for landmark National Geographic ecology series shot on Red Epic with extensive use of gimbals, high speed, rope access camerawork and rigging, and timelapse.

Expedition Volcano BBC Factual (2017) (Sync, Long Lens, Timelapse, Drone)

Major expedition shot in DR Congo, abseiling into worlds most active volcano and lava lake and filming around Goma city. Working on ropes, boats, helicopters and cars filming people. Also filming sequence of wild mountain gorillas. Lighting Cameraman. Aerial Cameraman.

Earths Natural Wonders 2 BBC Earth for BBC Two (2017) (Long Lens, Sync)

Climbing and wildlife cameraman filming islanders scaling some of the biggest sea cliffs in the world on the Faroe Islands, to collect sea bird eggs. Extensive rope access camerawork and long lens bird filming. Lighting Cameraman.

Planet Earth 2 BBC NHU for BBC One (2016) (Long Lens, Stedicam, Making Of)

A number of high altitude mountain based shoots for landmark David Attenborough series, Including bears, flamingos and viscacha in both hot and cold climates.


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Adventure,  Aerial,  Animal Behaviour,  Arri Alexa,  Cable Dolly,  Data workflow,  Documentary,  Expedition,  Extreme Environments (arctic, desert, mountain),  Field Craft,  Final Cut Pro,  Jib and Dolly,  Navigation,  Rock/Ice Climber,  Senior First Aid,  Stills Photography,  Sync Shooting,  Wilderness experience,  Working at Height.


5D Stills and timelapse kit with various lenses,  Sony F55.