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Skip Hobbie

Lighting Cameraman

Austin, Texas, USA

Emmy Award winning wildlife cinematographer hailing from Austin, Texas.  Skip grew up in Texas flipping rocks and climbing trees, ever in pursuit of creepy crawlies and little critters.  After receiving his BS in Radio/TV/Film from the University of Texas, he turned his passion for wildlife into a career that has taken him all over the world for National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery & the BBC.  

Skip's passion for wildlife and conservation are only equaled by his passion for technology.  His quick grasp of how to use the latest and greatest camera tech in aid of storytelling, quickly advanced his career as a young cinematographer.  In 2012, Skip earned an Emmy award as part of the camera team for National Geographic's Untamed Americas.  He was also Emmy Nominated in 2010 as one of the cinematographers on National Geographic Explorer's: Climbing Redwood Giants.  Skip currently serves as a committee member for the International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers.  

Credits and Experience

National Geographic Explorer: Climbing Redwood Giants

A National Geographic Explorer documentary devoted to the world’s tallest trees and their magnificent ecosystem. Skip served as the AC and cable dolly tech on the high-flying and cinematic shots. Additionally, as Expedition Cinematographer, Skip spent a week capturing the day to day of life on the trail with explorer and conservationist, Mike Fay.

National Geographic: Untamed Americas

A National Geographic Television miniseries that explores the diverse wildlife and ecosystems of the Americas. I spent 150+ days in the field as a field producer / 2nd camera with shoots ranging from the mountains of Alaska to the deserts of Peru. This series won the Emmy Award for Cinematography: Documentary & Long Form

National Geographic: Secret Life of Predators

For this 4 part blue chip series I worked on Harpy Eagle, Ethiopian Wolves, Water Monitor Lizards, Binturong, Scorpions, Reddish Egrets, Lions, and Baboons.

Mysterious Wilds of India

For this Animal Planet special about wildlife in 21st century India, I shot the Hoolock Gibbon and Red Panda sequences.

BBC: Mexico

For the BBC’s series “Mexico: Earth’s Festival of Life” I was hired to help film the Pallid Bats hunting scorpions in infrared. Having filmed these bats before for a Nat Geo / Smithsonian program, my expertise was utilized to help DP Luke Barnett with set construction, as well as document it all for the behind the scenes segment.

Bird of Prey

Feature documentary about the Philippine Eagle, produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. For this conservation film, Skip spent 5 months in the Philippines Rainforest, documenting a nest site from hatching until fledging.


telephone: +1 (1)512 2937547




Animal Behaviour,  Documentary,  Expedition,  Extreme Environments (arctic, desert, mountain),  High Speed/Slow Motion,  Infra Red,  Irata Rope Access,  Macro/Studio,  Remote Camera Trap,  Timelapse,  Working at Height.


RED Epic Dragon 6K Camera Package.