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Doug Anderson

Lighting Cameraman

Bristol, United Kingdom

Doug Anderson is an underwater wildlife cinematographer and photographer. Doug has spent the last 12 years (to 2011) working as a cameraman for the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, England. In 1999, after 4 years of camera assisting, Doug shot his first "Blue Chip" Wildlife sequence for a BBC's "Blue Planet" series. As of 2010 Doug has been involved in the principal photography on BBC/Discovery Channel productions Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, and Frozen Planet (Due for release Autumn 2011) as well as many other wildlife programmes. Doug is mainly a wildlife cameraman, but also does stills photography. In 2011 Doug has embarked on an large format underwater photography project. Doug lives in Devon and is married with three children.

Credits and Experience

Silent Roar - Search for the Snow leopard

PBS - Producer Hugh Miles

Deep Blue (2001)

Feature Film version from The Blue Planet. Producers - Andy Byatt and Alistair Fothergill

Earth (2007)

Feature length version from Planet Earth. Producers Mark Linfield and Alistair Fothergill

Life "Challenges of Life"

BBC NHU. Producer Martha Holmes.

Life "Reptiles and Amphibians"

BBC NHU. Producer Rupert Barrington.

Life "Fish"

BBC NHU. Producer Adam Chapman.

Life "Creatures fo the Deep"

BBC NHU. Producer Niel Lucas.

BBC Planet Earth "Freshwater"

BBC NHU. Producer Mark Brownlow

Planet Earth "Ice Worlds"

BBC NHU Vanessa Berlowitz

Planet Earth "Shallow Seas"

BBC NHU. Producer Mark Brownlow

Planet Earth "Ocean Deep"

BBC NHU. Producer Andy Byatt

The Blue Planet "Open Ocean"

BBC NHU. Producer Andy Byatt


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