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Dick Harrewijn

Lighting Cameraman / Sound Recordist

Rhenen, Netherlands

After being a documentary cameraman for a few years I've followed my passion for the natural world and specialized mainly in National History.

From the start of my film career I’ve always tried to gain as much experience from pre- to post-production as possible. I’m best described as a young cameraman with good knowledge of post production workflows and extended knowledge of the natural world.

A few years of work in the past at a equipment rental company and post production facility brought me good knowledge of both worlds. This experience is often set to use when preparing for a shoot or troubleshooting in the field.

For me Animal behaviour is key. I'd love to work story driven. I believe thats the only way. Working closely with the director of even without one. I love to work in teams, but I'm very capable of working on my own if needed. I’m self driven, fast in troubleshooting, enthusiastic from begin to end and always in search of new adventure!

Please contact me to find out!

Credits and Experience

Silence of the Tides - In production

I'm currently working as dop for the feature documentary SILENCE OF THE TIDES. The film will be a cinematic portrait for international cinema about the Unesco World Heritage Site, the Wadden Sea, one of the largest wetlands, tidal and coastal systems in the world. Shot in 6K cinemascope for release in 4K HDR. Release in 2020.

Wild - Heart of Holland

The film Wild - Heart of Holland tells the story of the Veluwe through the lifes of the wild boar, red deer, foxes and many more animals living in the wild heart of Holland called the Veluwe. This wildlife feature film is produced for cinema by PVP Pictures. Directed by Luc enting and Produced by Paul Voorthuysen. Released March 2018.

Holland - Nature in the delta

After the huge succes of The New Wilderness in the Netherlands we're working on a new film about the river delta. There is a Dutch proverb: ‘God created the world, the Dutch created Holland.’ This story is told against a cultural-historical context from the perspective of main characters such as the eagle, the beaver, the hare and the stickleback.

Once upon a Tree

Once Upon a Tree is a wildlife youth documentary about a girl in an oak tree. The intereactions of the girl with the natural world around her give an emotional insight in the creativity, fantasies and fears of this young girl that wishes her live will never change. I was responsible for both sync shooting with the girl and the wildlife part of the film, incl. phantom high speed.

VROEGE VOGELS (early birds)

Vroege vogels is a Dutch TV show about wildlife in the Netherlands. I've been working as their main wildlife cameraman for more than two years. Main focus is animal behaviour and so shooting everything from macro to longlens work and from remote cameras to high speed with Phantom cameras.

The New Wilderness

The biggest wildlife production shot in the Netherlands to this date. The New Wilderness shows the Dutch National Park Oostvaardersplassen like never before. A natural area of only 6000 hectares caring the nickname 'Dutch Serengeti' and yet unique in Europe. Shot mainly on Red cameras. I was responsible for behavior sequence work and all the highspeed work with Phantom cameras. This film was revolutionary in the Netherlands as it draw 720.000 people into cinema which is huge in the Netherlands!

Dutch Bisons

My first self produced wildlife film tells the story of the European bison that are being reintroduced in the Netherlands.


mobile: +31 (031)6 18182655




Adventure,  Animal Behaviour,  Arri Alexa,  Blue/Green screen,  Camera Loading and Assistant Work,  Data workflow,  Documentary,  DVD Authoring,  Editing,  Field audio gathering equipment,  Final Cut Pro,  High Speed/Slow Motion,  Macro/Studio,  Night Filming,  Open Water Dive Licence,  RED ONE,  Sound Recording,  Stills Photography,  Studio & exterior day & night lighting,  Thermal Imaging,  Timelapse.


Panasonic VaricamLT adapted for wildlife ,  PL mount lenses from 11-600mm ,  Custom build scope lens (8k, super35) for macro and close-up,  Specialist lenses like various types of macro and fisheyes (PL and EF mounts),  Starlight camera set with IR lights and motion triggers,  2x Sony A7s2 cameratrap sets with multiple motion triggers,  Various lenses and adapters for mirrorless cameras (Panasonic, sony, etc),  Canon 6D timelapse kit, lenses from 10-1200mm,  Various lights like two 575 HMI's, leds and a Euromex coldlight source,  Studio 4x5m,  Edit set for 4K editing,  Shiny 4x4 Toyota,  Full equipment list available on request.,  Various sizes tripods incl. Sachtler V25 and V20 ,  Set of Vintage Leica lenses EF mounts.