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Simon Normanton

Director / Lighting Cameraman / Sound Recordist

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Simon Normanton is an experienced factual film producer, director, cameraman and recordist who has made or worked on numerous character-driven ‘people and wildlife’ and ‘travel and exploration’ films in the wilder corners of this earth; in the Arctic, up the Amazon, in the Sahara, on the Titanic, in the Himalayas etc etc. He also works as a director-cameraman or director-recordist or cameraman and recordist in one. He also has experience of making, or working, on a wide variety of other kinds programs; history, science, archive, etc. in the UK and around the world, for C4, BBC, Sky, Discovery, Nat Geo, A&E, WNET etc.

Simon Normanton particularly enjoys working as a director-cameraman-recordist, on remote or difficult or unpredictable projects, with his own extensive top-of-the-range HD cameras, specialist lenses and sound equipment; SONY 900r Cine Alta and HD730, VariCam, DigiBeta790, BetaSX, DVCam450, Z7, A1E, Canon 40x14, HJ18, HJ11, DigiPower25 16.5-1032 Image-stabilized etc.


telephone: +44 (0)1406 351522

mobile: +44 (0)7850 054590