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Simon De Glanville

Lighting Cameraman

London, United Kingdom

I am an award winning natural history and documentary cameraman with twenty years experience in the industry. I'm also one of the UK's most experienced stereographers, having been involved in 3D throughout my career.

Along with my long lens work I have a broad knowledge of specialist filming techniques including infrared/starlight, high speed, macro and moco timelapse. I'm also able to operate aerials, MOVI and Polecam as well as shooting underwater.

Please see below for some sample credits. You can visit my website for a full CV and more details.

Credits and Experience

‘One Strange Rock’

2016-2017/Nutopia/Nat Geo/dir. Alice Jones, Nick Jordan, Nic Stacey, Nat Sharman – Multiple shoots for Darren Aronofsky’s portrait of our planet: beach life in Rimini, an Italian marble quarry, Day of the Dead in Mexico, monarch butterflies, Holi festival, a water fight in Varanasi, Hashima Island and a Soyuz rocket launch in Kazakhstan. Director of photography, wildlife and sync (Red Dragon)

‘Secrets of the Human Body’

2017/BBC Science/dir. Matt Dyas - Documentary revealing the hidden workings of the human body - filming children ice swimming in Norway with VFX elements. Director of photography (Arri Amira)

‘Serengeti Rules’

2016/Passion Wild/Feature Doc/dir. Nic Brown - Drama shoot for a feature doc looking at the ecological lessons of the past few decades. Director of photography (Arri Amira)


2016/NHU/BBC2/dir. Alex Lanchester, Dina Mufti - Filmed five stories for the Himalayan episode: the conflict between snow leopards and the villagers of Kibber in the Spiti Valley, the construction, and destruction, of a sand mandala by monks at the Phyang Monastery in Ladakh, a story about glacial regeneration through ice stupas, a natural history shoot following Himalayan marmots and children making a high wire gorge crossing. Principal cameraman: wildlife and sync. (Red Dragon)

‘Forces of Nature’

2014-2016/BBC Science/BBC1/dir. Matt Dyas, Nick Jordan, Suzy Boyles, Alice Jones, Steven Cooter - Many shoots across this landmark series: human towers in Spain, manatees in Florida, honey hunters in Nepal, ice fishing in Greenland, icebergs in Newfoundland, ibex goats in the Alps, hunting birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea, mining Kawah Ijen in Indonesia, the diving Haenyo of Jeju, Maasai elder ceremony in Tanzania, dung beetles, sea turtles and various sync shoots with Professor Brian Cox.

‘Hammond Shoots the Amazon’

2015/IWC/Sky One/dir. Graham Booth - Richard Hammond travels to the Amazon to learn wildlife photography skills. Wildlife cameraman. (Red Epic)

‘Dawn Chorus - The Sounds of Spring’

2015/BBC Science/BBC4/dir. Nigel Patterson - An intimate portrait of three British habitats and the birds that inhabit them. Principal cameraman. (F5)

Earth's Natural Wonders

2014/BBC - Documenting the conflict between the Masai and crop raiding elephants in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Cameraman. (F55).

Wild Sri Lanka

2014/Mike Birkhead Prod/Terra Mater - The natural history of Sri Lanka. Cameraman. (RED Epic).

Conquest of the Skies

2014/Atlantic/Sky - 3D series exploring the evolution of flight, with Sir David Attenborough. Wildlife cameraman. (RED Epic).

The Queen's Garden

2014/OSF/ITV - The natural history of Buckingham Palace. Wildlife cameraman. (RED Epic).

The Burrowers

2013/Dragonfly/BBC2 - Series looking at the subterranean activities of some of the UK's mammals, with Chris Packham. Sync cameraman. (HD).

Earth in the Age of Man

2013/Nat Geo - A new look at humankind's relationship with the natural world. Natural history sequence and sync cameraman across the series. (HD).

Hidden Kingdoms 3D

2012/BBC - Series exploring the lives of the worlds more diminutive species. Stereographer. (RED Epic/Phantom).

Galapagos 3D

2012/Atlantic/Sky - 3D series about the natural history of the Galapagos Islands, with Sir David Attenborough. Director of Photography/Stereographer. (RED Epic).

Enchanted Kingdom

2012/BBC Earth - Full length 3D feature film. A magical journey through Africa. Stereographer. (RED Epic).

Kingdom of Plants 3D

2011/Atlantic/Sky - 3D series with David Attenborough focusing on botanical stories from Kew Gardens. Specialist macro photography. DOP/Stereographer. (RED Epic).

How to Grow a Planet

2011/BBC Factual - Filming tool use in the Fongoli chimps of Senegal. Natural history sequence cameraman. (HD).

Flight of the Butterflies

2011/SK Films - 3D IMAX feature about the annual 3000 mile migration of the monarch butterfly. Director of Photography/Stereographer. (IMAX/Phantom 65).

Naked Earth

2010/BBC - Science documentary looking at the geology of plate tectonics. Specialist cameraman. (HD/Phantom).

Natural World - The Unnatural History of London

2010/Passion Pictures/BBC2 - Two year project exploring the natural history of the capital. Principal cameraman. (HD).

Flying Monsters 3D

2010/Atlantic/Sky - Groundbreaking 3D TV and IMAX documentary feature about pterosaurs filming on location with Sir David Attenborough. Additional stereographer. (RED).

Alive - Snow Hunters

2009/Darlow Smithson/Animal Planet - Docudrama about a group of hunters lost in the Kyrgyzstani wilderness. Cameraman. (HD).


2009/360 Productions/Nat Geo - Docudrama exploring the life of Nostrodamus. Lighting cameraman. (HD).

Natural World - Bringing Up Baby

2009/NHU/BBC2 - Documentary showing the various strategies employed by different animals in raising their young. Contributing cameraman. (HD).

Atlas - Rift Valley

2009/Darlow Smithson/Discovery - Portrait of the natural history and tribal peoples of the Rift Valley, Tanzania. Second camera. (HD).

Monkey Life

2009/Primate Planet - Observational documentary about the 'Monkey World' rehabilitation centre in Dorset. Natural history sequence cameraman. (Digi).

Wonders of The Solar System

2009/BBC - Shooting in Tunisia and Iceland demonstrating the physical environment on Saturn. Worldwide cameraman. (HD).

Jon Ronson - How to Find God

2009/Renegade/C4 – Observational documentary about the Alpha Course. Principal cameraman. (Digi).

Seasons – Winter

2009/Tiger Aspect/ITV – British wildlife and how it survives the winter. Natural history sequence cameraman. (HD).

Eaten Alive – River Killers

2008/Cineflix/Animal Planet – Docudrama about animal attacks shot on location in South Africa. Focusing on crocodiles and hippos. Underwater and topside cameraman. (HD).

Extreme Andes – Peru

2008/Ricochet/BBC2 – Observational Documentary following Ben Fogle as he leads a group through the Cotahuasi Valley, the deepest canyon on earth. Cameraman. (SD).

Project Earth – Hungry Oceans

2008/Impossible/Discovery – Science Documentary about the deployment of ocean pumps in a bid to increase plankton blooms and fix carbon in an attempt to ameliorate global warming. Underwater and topside cameraman. (HD).

Project Earth – Infinite Winds, Fixing Carbon, Shiny Clouds, Wrapping Greenland

2007-8/Impossible/Discovery – Science Documentary following scientists attempts at geo-engineering to prevent climate change. Series second cameraman. (HD).

Natural World – Titus The Gorilla King

2007/Tigress/BBC2 – Natural History documentary following the life of the most successful silverback living on the slopes of the Virunga volcano chain in Rwanda. Principal cameraman. (HD).

Alive – Stranded in Grizzly Country

2006/Darlow Smithson/C4 – Docudrama shot in the mode of ‘Touching the Void’ about a father and son who suffer a rafting accident in Alaska. Underwater and topside cameraman. (HD).

Alien Oceans 3D

2004/ImageQuest3D/Cinema – Documentary showing the weird and wonderful planktonic inhabitants of the ocean. Cameraman. (HD).

Bermuda – Fragile Beauty

2003/ImageQuest3D – Documentary about the natural history of the island. Cameraman. (SD).

Bugs 3D IMAX

2002/PLF/Cinema – Large format 3D documentary about the insect inhabitants in the forests of Borneo. Assistant cameraman. (IMAX).

Lost Worlds – Life in the Balance IMAX

2001/Primesco/Cinema – Large format documentary about the natural history of the plateau in Venezuela made famous by Arthur Conan Doyle. Assistant cameraman. (IMAX).


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16mm,  35mm,  3D,  70mm IMAX,  Aerial,  Documentary,  Extreme Environments (arctic, desert, mountain),  HD,  Jib and Dolly,  OBdoc,  Polecam Operator,  Probe Lenses,  RED ONE,  Sound Recording,  Stills Photography,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Underwater Cameraman,  Wild/Dangerous animals.


Canon 5D/7D Full Stills/Timelapse/HD Shooting kit. Fisheye to 400mm lens and everything in between.