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Peter Cayless

Lighting Cameraman

Bristol, United Kingdom

Pete Cayless is a wildlife cameraman who has spent four years living in Kenya's wilderness. While working for Deeble & Stone Productions on the wildlife feature film, The Elephant Movie. Since then he has spent a year working for Tigress Productions shooting, 'A Year in the Wild'. Pete has been exclusively trained by Deeble and Stone in story telling and has expertise in everything across the board; from motion time-lapse, long lens, macro, infra red and drone work.

Credits and Experience

Apple - Titles to be released soon (2020)

Just started on a new and exciting series which will take a few years..

Netflix - Titles to be announced soon (2020)

Working a number of episodes for a new Netflix series..

BBC - After Dark, In The Land Of The Wild (2020)

A couple of macro sequences over lockdown no1

BBC - The Mating Game (2020)

Details to be announced

Frozen Planet II - BBC (2019)

Details to be announced soon

Title to be announced - Quibi (2019)

Details to be announced soon Episode Dop

Tiny World - Apple TV+ (2019)

Details to be announced soon

Sri Lanka- Island of The Monsoon (2017)

EP Web of Life Episode EP From Cloud to Coast Episode.

Wales: Land of the Wild (2018)

Episode 1(Sand lizard sequence) Episode 2 (Celtic rainforest portrait, hermit crabs macro, lapwings sequence) Episode 3 (Silver studded blue butterfly macro, tiger beetle sequence macro, anemone macro)

Night on Earth - Netflix (2018)

An exciting new series - details to be released soon

The Thin Man - feature film (2018)

Drone camera operator

Hostile Planet - National Geographic (2017/2018)

Ep - Oceans (Turtle hatching sequence and penguin sequence) Ep - Grasslands (Hamadryas baboons) Ep - Jungles (Clay lick, storm/lightening, tree fall and tapir)

Wild Britain - Channel 5 (2018)

Shots contained in the titles. Ep 1 - Mountains - (Sundew extreme macro and time-lapse's) Ep 4 - Water Worlds - (Natural history stories on beavers, dragon fly emergence and water spiders) EP 6 - Rivers - (Natural history story on beavers) Ep 7 - Countryside - (Sand lizard story and the potter wasp sequence) Ep 8 - Cities - (Garden slow worm and slug story)

Hugh's Wild West - BBC2 (2018)

Featured wildlife cameraman for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's new wildlife series on the South West, for Keo West. During Hugh's adventures around Dartmoor he joins me in the filming hide, while I film the buzzard family he had been following since the nest. BBC TWO Hugh's Wild West - Series 1 Episode 7 of 12

The Dales and Moors: A Year in the Wild (2016) Channel 5

Shooting 4 x 1 hours across the seasons for Tigress Productions

Springwatch (2016) NHU

Specialist wildlife cameraman shooting a behavioural sequence on leeches predating on newly emerging toadlets.

Winterwatch (2016) NHU

Filmed across a golden autumn and through the depths of one of the most extraordinary winters in living memory. Winterwatch features a beautiful story about a river in Devon.

The Elephant Queen - Apple Original / Deeble & Stone Productions

Athena is a mother who will do everything in her power to protect her herd when they are forced to leave their waterhole. This epic journey, narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, takes audiences across the African savannah, and into the heart of an elephant family. A tale of love, loss and coming home.

Animal Planet for 3Net - River Monsters Pack of Teeth 3D

2011 - Technical Assistant & Production Assistant. Technical support to the recces and shoot. Some kit management - pre shoot and post. Hiring and packing kit where needed.

BBC 1 - The One Show

2010 to 2011 - Camera Assistant, Wildlife Cameraman, Second Cameraman & Sound; to over 13 One Show films made by Icon Films Ltd.

Animal Planet & ITV - River Monsters Season 4

2011 - Technical Assistant & Production Assistant. Technical support to the recces, shoots & edits. Edit support. Kit management - pre shoot and post. Hiring and packing kit where needed for shoots all over the world. Cameraman for a pickup shoot season 3. Play-outs, uploading rough cuts, fine cuts to FTP sites & to Animal Planet, end of edits. Digitizing rushes and converting/backing up of extra media. Logging, updating tape logs, drive logs and archive. Assisted on a studio shoot.

Animal Planet & ITV - River Monster Compilations from Seasons 3 & 4

2011 - Technical Assistant & Production assistant.

Nat Geo Wild - Secrets of Wild India

2011 - Cameraman Episode 3 - Desert Lions In episode 3 'Desert Lions', I filmed the euromastic lizard underground in it's burrow.

BBC 4 - Sandhurst

2011 - Second Cameraman & Technical assistant Canopy Access to fix mini cams for aerial view. Long lens camera operator for log race.? Long lens camera operator for stretcher race.? Mini cams. Production stills.

BBC 2 - Natural World - Jungle Gremlins of Java

2011 - Camera assistant and sound recordist on pick up/studio shoot.

Animal Planet - Bite Of The Living Dead

2011 - Cameraman Pick up shoot - Cameraman filming 'pain' cutaways. Time-lapses.

Discovery - Beast Tracker Series 1

2011 - Technical assistant. Booking and arranging and packing kit for various destinations round the world. Episodes 1 & 2.

BBC 2 - Natural World Series - Heligan: Secrets of the Lost Gardens

2010 - Halcyon Media - Camera assisting James Aldred and Jeremy Boanson-James. Job experience setting up cable and track dolly systems.

BBC 2 NHU - Springwatch & Sringwatch Unsprung

2010 - Story Developer and Field/camera Assistant 4am - 2pm Shift. Other on job experience includes:- IR, time lapse, mini cams & remotely controlled mini cams, camera assisting (wildlife & sync), jib assisting, sound record assisting (spotting birds), Avid Interplay Assist software, crowd control, running.

In Search of Bears

2007 - Winner of the Splice Film Festival and the ITV Westcountry Award for Media. This short film centres on a unique opportunity for Peter Cayless to live with seven orphaned bears as they learn to adopt to a life in the wild. The bears living on a remote island in the middle of a vast lake in Canada's remote north wait unitl they sense the time is right to swim across to the mainland - a journey of about a mile. Produced, filmed directed and edited (Final Cut Studio 1).

Dolma Development Fund - Ethiopia

2006 - Dolma Development Fund – Produced, filmed directed and edited a film for marketing purposes. - (South Omo Valley – Ethiopia).

Two Four Production Company

Camera assistant and equipment store assistant. (Plymouth).

ITN – UK News

Field assistant to news crew filming at night.

ITV Westcountry

Field assistant to Cameraman Matt Mulcrone.

BBC 2 - Natural World - On the Trail of Tarka

2006 - Halcyon Media - Field Assistant to Charlie Hamilton James and Jamie McPherson.


telephone: +44 (0)1803 314774

mobile: +44 (0)7732 918888




35mm,  Adventure,  Animal Behaviour,  Camera Loading and Assistant Work,  Documentary,  DV camera operation,  Editing,  Expedition,  Extreme Environments (arctic, desert, mountain),  Extreme Locations,  Field audio gathering equipment,  Field Craft,  Final Cut Pro,  Hand-held Documentary,  Hide Work,  Image Intensifier,  Infra Red,  IRATA level 1,  Large Format,  Navigation,  Night Filming,  Open Water Dive Licence,  Set Building,  Surface stills & video,  Timelapse,  Wild Track,  Wilderness experience.


x1 ARRI Junior 650w Fresnel plus x2 ARRILITE 800w lighting kit,  Ronford Baker 2000-2004 Series Fluid Head 150mm Bowl,  Ronford Baker Stage 2 Lightweight Long Legs with 150mm Bowl,  Ronford Baker medium duty short legs with 150mm bowl,  Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket Dolly,  Canon 5D mk2 & mk3 kit with a range of Canon & Nikon lenses.