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Michael Hutchinson

Director / Lighting Cameraman / Producer

Bristol, United Kingdom

Cameraman shooting both pure natural history and sync. I've worked with many presenters. I have director and producer credits and am occasionally hired to edit short films so you can be confident in my sequence building and storytelling skills.

I am experienced with long lens filming, hide work, high speed, macro, low light. I use all camera formats and own a Sony FS7 and a variety of lenses including macro set ups.

Addicted to science, wildlife gardening and rock climbing.

Credits and Experience

Wild Philippines (in production)

3 part series about the Philippines presented by Nigel Marven.

Britain's Lost Waterlands

Channel 4

Wild Colombia

Discovery, Eden

Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven, Channel 5

I filmed the final show in the series following grey whales and other creatures to Alaska and beyond.

The Wild Side of Cats (in production)

Parthenon Entertainment

Foxes Live: Wild in the City

Channel 4

Untamed China

Image Impact, Animal Planet

Wild Britain with Ray Mears 2


Help! My House Is Infested

Redhouse TV (Channel 4) - Sync and Natural History

Baboons with Bill Bailey


Wild Britain with Ray Mears

ITV. Wildlife and sync

Haiti's Killer Quake: Why it happened

Pioneer Productions (for Channel 4 and Discovery). Sync camerawork in Haiti soon after the 12th January 2010 earthquake.

Snow Watch

BBC. Wildlife cameraman - mainly long lens work

Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza

Sky One HD. Wildlife cameraman with some sync shooting. Celebrity birdwatching series hosted by Bill Bailey


BBC. Wildlife cameraman filming barnacle geese, Solway Firth, Scotland.

Baby Planet series 2

Parthenon Entertainment. Director-camerawork. Wildlife and sync sequences for this show about baby animals.

Animal Cops Philadelphia

ITV Anglia for Animal Planet. Director-cameraman, sync. High-rating, gritty observational documentary following the work of animal welfare officers and the stories of animals they rescue.

Game Ranger Diaries

Channel 5 & National Geographic. Producer, Director and Cameraman for this 10 part series about Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Observational documentary following the varied work of game rangers including darting and treating injured animals and confronting poachers. Filming large mammals often on foot in the bush, also from 4x4 vehicle, planes, helicopter. Identifying and following stories. I worked on the series from pre-production to delivery (including editing, grading and final mix)

Baby Planet

Animal Planet. Director-cameraman, sync. Following the stories of baby animals and their keepers in various zoos and wildlife parks

The One Show

Icon Films for BBC. Cameraman. Sync wildlife features with presenter Steve Backshall

Ben's Zoo

Tigress Productions for BBC. Director-cameraman. Observational documentary about a family who took over a run-down zoo.

In Search of the Giant Octopus

Parthenon Entertainment for National Geographic. Director. Location filming and interviews for reversioning the programme

Creatures Like Us

BBC. Cameraman (Sync and animal behaviour) Zoo series with talking animals

Animal Crime Scene

BBC. Cameraman. Baboons and antelope at a UK safari park plus interview with scientist

The Really Wild Show

BBC. Cameraman. Presenter-led children's series


mobile: +44 (0)7740 438362




Adventure,  Animal Behaviour,  Blue/Green screen,  Editing,  Endoscopes,  Extreme Locations,  Hand-held Documentary,  HD,  High Speed/Slow Motion,  Image Intensifier,  Long Lens,  Macro/Studio,  Night Filming,  Probe Lenses,  Rock Climber,  Stills Photography,  Sync Shooting,  Video,  Working at Height.


Timelapse and HD SLR kit comprising Canon 5D MkII and lenses from 17mm to 600mm,  Macro lens (180mm B4 mount),  Basic rope access kit,  Sony FS7, various lenses including macro options.