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Justin Maguire

Director / Lighting Cameraman

Vancouver, Canada

Multi Award winning cameraman with 30 years film experience. Prior to his twenty five years filming wildlife he worked as assistant in features, commercials, pop promos and documentaries.
Experience covers most formats including, Cineflex, Shot Over, Red Helium, Gemini, Dragon, Epic, One, Arri Alexa, HD, Infra-red, thermal imaging, image intensifier, Digital High Speed, Digital time-lapse, Motion Control, MoVi / Ronin, 3D IMAX, 35mm, 16mm, long lens, macro and studio work.
Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, also spent many years living in the UK now lives in Vancouver Canada. Has joint British and Canadian nationality.

Credits and Experience

One Strange Rock 2

National Geographic series in production

Earths Tropical Islands - Madagascar


North America

Nat Geo series being produced by Wildstar - in production

Planet Earth III

BBC series - in production

Perfect Plant

BBC series produced by Silverback


Apple TV produced by Plimsoll Productions UK

Frozen Planet 2

BBC Natural History Unit - in production

Wild Canadian Weather

5 Part CBC series - in production

Our Planet

Netflix Series

Great Bear Rain Forest

IMAX film. Winner, Cinematography, Giant Screen Cinema Association Awards

Seven Worlds


Hostile Planet

Nat Geo series produced by Plimsoll films

Wild Canadian Year

CBC TV - 5 part series, principle cinematographer

Born In China

Disney Nature feature film.

Planet Earth II

BBC NHU - Deserts - (Madagascar)


BBC NHU Series - Sequence work (Cambodia)

Life Stories

BBC NHU series - Sequence work (Arctic foxes, Canada & Dusky dolphins, New Zealand)

Killer Whales - Into the Arctic

Principle Cameraman. One hour film for Brian Leith Productions / Terra Mater

Wild Canada

CBC / Terra Mater co-pro - sequence work. In the UK, for the Eden Channel, David Attenborough narrated. (Four / five part series on the wildlife of Canada)

Wild Arabia

BBC NHU - Sequence work


BBC NHU - sequence work Awards: Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Best Series & Best Animal Behaviour, Prix Italia, Best TV Documentary, Green Screen Festival Germany, Best Film and Best Post Production

Frozen Planet

BBC NHU HD - sequence work - EMMY for Cinematography; Jackson Hole, Best Cinematography; National Television Award, Best Documentary series

Human Planet

BBC NHU HD - sequence work - Royal television Society, Best Photography for Documentary & Factual


BBC NHU HD - sequence work. Awards: EMMY for Cinematography; 'BIRDS" won the 'Public Prize', Festival de L'Oiseau

The Great Rift

BBC NHU HD - sequence work

Natures Great Events - The Great Tide & The Great Salmon Run

BBC NHU HD. Awards: Antibes Underwater Film Festival: The Golden Palm, Prix du President de la Republique, Prix Planete Thalassa & Prix de la Meilleure Adaptation Musicale; Blue Oceon Film Festival: Best Marine Animal Behavior; Missoula: Best Series, Merit awards: Cinematography, Sound, use of music & Underwater Cinematography

Wild China

BBC NHU HD wildlife series in China, sequence work Awards: EMMY: Best Cinematography; Durban Wild Talk Film Festival: Best Cinematography: Asia Television Awards; Best Natural History Programme

Life in Cold Blood – David Attenborough

BBC NHU series on reptiles and amphibians. Sequence work. Awards: BAFTA: Best Factual; Wildscreen: Golden Panda; Televisual: Best Cinematography

The Iceberg that Sank the Titanic

BBC NHU Natural World series

Planet Earth

BBC NHU, sequence work. India, Canada, Cost Rica, Arctic, Niger, South Africa, Zambia, Borneo, Thailand, Egypt.


BBC NHU Natural World series - The journey of a sand grain through South Africa and Namibia. Principle cameraman. Awards: Best Photography, Best of Festival, Best TV Program, Best use of Graphics, Best Script, and merit awards for Animal Behaviour, Editing and Sound Mix Missoula International Film Festival 2004. Toyama Ptarmigan Award (Audience award) Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2005.

African Penguins

BBC NHU Wildlife on One - Urban African penguins in Cape Town. Principle cameraman.

Hippo Beach

BBC NHU Natural World series - A bull hippos’ life in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park. Principle cameraman. Award for cinematography Missoula IWFF, USA.

Foxy Business

BBC NHU Wildlife on One series - Urban foxes surviving on a landfill site on the outskirts of London. Principle cameraman.

Etosha, a Living Eden

ABC Kayne Living Edens series. Special about Etosha National Park, Namibia for. Shared credit.

Lunge Lizards

Partridge / PBS. Chameleons half hour. Principle cameraman.

Dragons Alive

BBC NHU. Reptile series, sequence work.

Time Machine

BBC NHU. Sequence work.

Moon Power

BBC NHU Natural World series, sequence work.

The Life of Mammals

David Attenborough BBC NHU series, sequence work.

Fathers Day Special

For the BBC NHU Wildlife on One series, sequence work.

Great Natural Wonders

BBC NHU Natural World series, sequence work.

Top Bat

BBC NHU Natural World series, sequence work.

Canine Conspiracy

BBC NHU Natural World series, sequence work.

Wild Africa

BBC NHU. Sequence work on the 'Mountains' programme winner of best cinematography at Jackson's Hole 2003.

Living Britain

BBC NHU series, sequence work.

Ultimate Guide to Crocodiles

For Discovery Ultimate guide series.

Wild Indonesia

Channel4, UK series.

General Levi

Pop promo, EMI.

Ragga Twins

Pop promo, EMI.


Short documentary about eccentric British inventor.

Small Room no View

Short independent drama.


mobile: +1 (0)1 7789681517



35mm,  Arri Alexa,  Cable Dolly,  Documentary,  Extreme Locations,  HD,  High Speed/Slow Motion,  Large Format,  Long Lens,  Macro/Studio,  RED ONE,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Video,  Wilderness experience,  Working at Height.


Ronford-Baker Atlas 30 head,  High Speed Arri Camera Kit,  Range of macro, wide and long lenses,  Straightscope & Periscope,  Red Gemini & Helium,  Canon CN20 Lens,  Mini Jib,  Basic lights,  Stills kit,  Canon EF Lenses - full selection including macro,  Sigma EF Art primes ,  Jimmy Jib Lite.