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James Ewen

Lighting Cameraman

Oslo, Norway

I am a specialist cameraman based in Norway, with experience and credits in variety of genres but mainly focusing on natural history. I have extensive experience planning filming trips into remote locations and have worked in most formats. I am excellently placed for sequence work in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and maintain an extensive network of contacts in Uganda and Mozambique. I speak Norwegian and passable Portuguese and Spanish. I have shot/directed content for: National Geographic, BBC NHU, NRK Natur, Discovery, TV2, TVM, STV, MTV, Arte/ARD and SABC.

My geographical experience includes; Russia, Alaska, Botswana, Senegal, Mozambique, South Africa, Nicaragua, Mali, Patagonia (Chile), India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Hawaii and Guatemala, plus extensive filming in Uganda and of course Norway. I have worked in at 5000m+ (on ice) and 40 metres below and have kit and clothing to suit most wild places.

Credits and Experience

Wild Edens- Russia (2017)

Off the Fence for Nat Geo- Sequence cameraman

Glomma- NRK Nature 2017

Sequence Cameraman on 6-part series following Norways longest river

The North's Fastest Animals- NRK Nature

Cameraman on Peregrine flacon hunting sequences

Oslos Wild Heart

Earthmedia Film AS for NRK/NFI- Director/Cameraman on urban wildlife film. Delivery 2016.

'The Last Migration'

Wild Reindeer film, Sequence Cameraman (2012)

'Behind the Lens'- Ice Giants on Dovrefjell

DoP on Musk Oxen winter sequences in Dovrefjell National Park

'Helt Vilt' (Completely Wild)

DoP- 8x52' documentary series for Norway's TV2 (Nordisk Film and TV) (TX March 2013)

NRK 'Ut på Tur Dovre'

DoP- 7 day expedition on horses into Dovrefjell National Park ( NRK- Norwegian National Broadcaster TX July 2012- 52')

NRK 'Hornøya'

Raven predation on Kittiwake nests. Sequence cameraman.


Sequence work on BBC NHU's Africa Series (Shoebills in Zambia, Rwenzori Mountains). MC Timelapse, Varicam, Bradley Cameras etc.

Chimps- Next of Kin

National Geographic TV. (2010) Principle wildlife & sync cameraman for Nat Geo’s film about the Fongoli Chimps . HDCAM/Infra Red/Sync.

Rwenzori- Melting Waters

Great Lakes Films Ltd for WWF- Cameraman. Documentary. SD 52'.

Bouncing Cats

Wizardflex/Indiananimate Productions. Principle cameraman for documentary feature on break-dance in Africa. HD/Super16.

Ridden by Nature

Kiahkeya Productions Ltd – Director of Photography on independent Feature. Volcanos in Hawaii, Glaciers in Alaska. HD/Timelapse.

A Dugongs Tale

Earthmedia Films/Dugong Trust - Director/Cameraman- Africa’s last dugongs. HD/Underwater.

Em Perigo (Endangered)

Earthmedia Films/Catembe Productions - Director/Cameraman – Series on marine wildlife. HD/Underwater.

Manda Wilderness

Earthmedia Films for TNS Mozambique (Director/Cameraman)- Documentary. SD.

Mangais- Raizes das Mares (Mangrove- Tidal Roots)

Earthmedia Films for IUCN/MICOA/WWF Mozambique, (Producer Barbara Bosma / Director/Cameraman James Ewen) - Winner CINE ECO 2005 'Best Environmental Education Film'- Documentary shot on SD.

Natural World 'Swamp Cats'

Afriscreen Films for BBC Natural World, (Producer Tania Jenkins / Director Mike Holding) - Camera/Field Assistant. S16.


telephone: +47   95479708

mobile: +47   95479708




Adventure,  Animal Behaviour,  Documentary,  Expedition,  Extreme Environments (arctic, desert, mountain),  Field Craft,  Hand-held Documentary,  Hide Work,  High Speed/Slow Motion,  Infra Red,  Jib and Dolly,  Long Lens,  Low Light,  Macro/Studio,  Night Filming,  Open Water Dive Licence,  Primates,  Probescopes,  Set Building,  Stills Photography,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Wilderness experience.


Panasonic Varicam LT (PL/EOS), Lenses from 8mm-800mm with doublers and adaptors.,  Ronford 2004 with tall, short, baby legs. CF Shark Slider, EZFX Jib (10'), Ladder Dolly, Wire Cable dolly, Various Clamps, Mounts,  HD Motion Control Time-lapse kit (Motorised X/Y Axis, Nikon D3/Kodak DSLR Pro/N and ED lenses),  GPS, Camping gear, Generator, Tools,  MACBOOK PRO Field Editing setup ,  Sony A7s, Atomos Assassin 4K recorder, IR Converted 550D and LED IR Lighting kit.