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Marc van Fucht

Director / Lighting Cameraman / Producer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cameraman/Director with over 20 years experience. Specialized in birds, ecology, long lenses and drones.

Credits and Experience

City Dwellers aka StadsMormels

City Dwellers, 6x 30min Episodes for Dutch Broadcaster VARA/BNN A serie about city animals and their relationship with hunans in the city of Amsterdam. (Foxes, Ring Paraceets, Coots, House Mouse, Storks, Rabbits.) Aired 2017, reruns start June 2018

The Amsterdam Foxes

The story of the new inhabitants of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The city fox. A story of how a shy and cheeky animal is slowly leaving his footprint in the big city. -2011 (in production)

The Story of the Sparrow

A film about the little house sparrow, and how it became an urban legend. Loved or hated. A long as there are people the Passer domesticus will dominate their territory. -2011 (in production)

Urban Critters

A journey into the belly of the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. What critters live in your home and why are they there? -2010

The Nature within: eps. Ice

An episode from the serie The Nature within. Where micro organism in elements are being explored. -2010

Squirrel Central

A portait of a squirrel refuge in the south of Holland. -2010


A portrait of a predators refuge in the north of Holland. Where tigers, Black Panthers and other predators are given a refuge after being exploited by humans. -2010

The Story of Uncle Dirk

The urban legend of a crocodile called Dirk, who killed two fisherman before the people from Croc Prison (a refuge for crocs who bothered men in a dangerous way. Also nicknamed Crocs Prison) tried to catch him. -2010


A film about the importance of wetlands around the Mediterranian Sea - 2004.

Life in Ebb and Flow

A film about the wetlands above Netherlands,Germany, Denmark - 2001.


A film about the cheeky life of the grey heron in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2004.


telephone: +31   +31654958716




Long Lens,  Macro/Studio,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse.


S16 HS Arri SR2 with a big range of wildlife options (mail for details),  New Alexa Studio capable of slowmotions up to 120fps a sec. HR Optimo 24-290 lots of extras.,  Panasonic Varicam Studio, Canon 50-1000..