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Marc van Fucht

Director / Lighting Cameraman / Producer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cameraman/Director with over 5 years experience. Specialized in nature and long lenses.

Credits and Experience

The Amsterdam Foxes

The story of the new inhabitants of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The city fox. A story of how a shy and cheeky animal is slowly leaving his footprint in the big city. -2011 (in production)

The Story of the Sparrow

A film about the little house sparrow, and how it became an urban legend. Loved or hated. A long as there are people the Passer domesticus will dominate their territory. -2011 (in production)

Urban Critters

A journey into the belly of the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. What critters live in your home and why are they there? -2010

The Nature within: eps. Ice

An episode from the serie The Nature within. Where micro organism in elements are being explored. -2010

Squirrel Central

A portait of a squirrel refuge in the south of Holland. -2010


A portrait of a predators refuge in the north of Holland. Where tigers, Black Panthers and other predators are given a refuge after being exploited by humans. -2010

The Story of Uncle Dirk

The urban legend of a crocodile called Dirk, who killed two fisherman before the people from Croc Prison (a refuge for crocs who bothered men in a dangerous way. Also nicknamed Crocs Prison) tried to catch him. -2010


A film about the importance of wetlands around the Mediterranian Sea - 2004.

Life in Ebb and Flow

A film about the wetlands above Netherlands,Germany, Denmark - 2001.


A film about the cheeky life of the grey heron in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2004.


telephone: +31 (0)20 6944448

mobile: +31 (0)65 4958716




35mm,  Long Lens,  Macro/Studio,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse.


Hvx200, HD and Sony 900r, Canon 70 lens, lots of extras. Mail for more.,  New Alexa Studio capable of slowmotions up to 120fps a sec. HR Optimo 24-290 lots of extras.,  S16 HS Arri SR2 with a big range of wildlife options (mail for details).