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John Waters

Director / Lighting Cameraman / Producer

Wells, United Kingdom

John is an award-winning wildlife and documentary cameraman.
He is familiar with a wide variety of filming styles and equipment, and has credits on over 60 films, many of which have won awards at festivals - including Wildscreen. In 2008 he was nominated for an Emmy for Cinematography for Meerkat Manor.

He has filmed in more than 30 countries - locations include Argentina, Chile, Peru, Iceland, Norway (Svalbard), West Africa, East Africa, Madagascar, Arabian Gulf, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand , Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

John also has workable Spanish and French languages and was IAWF Committee Chairman from 2000-2004.

Undertook 'First Aid in Remote Locations'. A 3 days course run by Lazarus Training - April 2017

Credits and Experience

Springwatch 2017

A film set on a chalkstream - the river Kennet - and how it changes as spring arrives. Seen through the eyes of the river keeper whose job is to look after it. NHU for BBC 2.

Way of the Vikings

Series exploring the intimate relationship Vikings had with Nature. Maramedia ... in production.

Romania's Enchanted Wilderness

A documentary feature showcasing Romania's extraordinary wealth of wildlife from the Carpathian Mountains to the Danube Delta. Mainly shot on Red Epic and Sony F55. In production by Off the Fence.

H is for Hawk

Based on the book by Helen Macdonald and produced by Mike Birkhead Associates for BBC 2's "the Natural World"

Wild Ireland: The Edge of the World

A laid back exploration of Ireland's Atlantic Coast. Crossing The Line Films for BBC 2

Springwatch 2016

A heron 'diary' filmed on the Somerset Levels. Spawning behaviour of Sea Lampreys filmed on the River Wye. A speed trial between a Gyrfalcon and a Peregrine Falcon with Martin Hughes-Games. BBC NHU

Springwatch 2015

A toad spawning frenzy in an abandoned lead mine. BBC NHU.

Winterwatch 2015

A personal portrait of the Somerset Levels in winter. BBC NHU

Europe's Wildest Places

A 3 part series exploring the best of what Europe has to offer in wildlife and wilderness. Shoots in Finland, Svalbard and Romania. An Off The Fence production for National Geographic.

Super-Powered Owls

The development of a captive bred barn owl from egg to adult gives an insight into the extraordinary senses of all owls. NHU for Natural World BBC 2.

Conquest of the Skies

A 3 part series with David Attenborough exploring the evolution of flight. Colossus Productions for Sky HD.

Unnatural Selection

How man's influence on evolution can have unexpected consequences. Skyvision for Terra Mater.

Wild Mexico

An exploration of the wildlife hotspots of Mexico. Skyvision for Animal Planet.

The Great British Year (formerly known as 'Seasons')

A celebration of the seasonal changes that sweep through Britain each year. BBC Natural History Unit for BBC 1.

Swamplands USA

2 X 1 hour wildlife exploration of the Atchafalya and Okefenokee swamps in the US. Skyvision for National Geographic and Animal Planet.

Wild Side of Cats

Parthenon for National Geographic.

The Eagles Return

Photron slo-mo sequence of Golden Eagle in Ireland. Crossing the Line Films for RTE

Namib Meerkats

Parthenon for National Geographic


Ground-breaking 6 part series on migration. John Downer Productions for BBC

Qatar X 5

Five short films on the cultural heritage of Qatar for their National Day celebrations. HD Camera. Rock Wallaby Productions for Qatar TV.

Swarm Chasers - Rats

Following a scientist into a remote corner of Bangladesh in his search for the truth behind the periodic plagues of rats that cause famine and unrest. HD camera. Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet.

Banded Brothers

Gangs of Banded Mongooses compete for turf around a posh tourist lodge in a Ugandan National Park. Four part series for BBC 2.

Monkey Life - series 4 & 5 ... 6 now in production

The ongoing story of residents at the primate rescue centre at Monkey World, Dorset. Digibeta & HD. Primate Planet TV.

The Cats of Claw Hill

Seven part series on the secret world of cats. A quirky take on an animal we think we know so well.... Granada/Anglia for Animal Planet

Meerkat Manor IV

The latest series charting the triumphs and tragedies in the daily lives of those adorable meerkats. OSF for Animal Planet

Meerkat Manor - The Story Begins

A movie based on the life of 'Flower' the much-loved matriarch of the series. OSF for Discovery Films

Nature of Britain

Alan Titchmarsh's second exploration of our countryside and wildlife. BBC 1

Meerkat Manor III

Series three of the global hit animal soap opera. Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet.// EMMY nominated for Outstanding Cinematography 2008// Winner 'Best Popular Series' Wildscreen 2008


How this crucible of evolution is still coming up with surprises. BBC 2.

Planet Earth

As you've never seen it before ... BBC 1.

Up Close & Dangerous

Stories of close shaves with wild animals - but why did they happen? TVNZ for Animal Planet.

Portillo Goes Wild in Spain

Michael Portillo - fresh out of Parliament - goes in search of Spanish wildlife surprises. The Natural World BBC2.

The Cultured Ape

What the scientists really think... Camera/Contributor. Scorer Associates for BBC.// Winner Best of Festival Jackson Hole 2003.

Techno Wolf

How new technology has brought an animal back from the dead. Main Camera. BBC Wildlife on One.

Iguanas - Living Like Dinosaurs

A dinosaur flick starring present day reptiles. Sequence camera. BBC Wildlife on One. Winner Best Editing Wildscreen 2002. Winner Best of Festival Missoula 2003. Winner Best of Festival, Albert, France 2003.

Gangland Lemurs

A girl power story of Madagascar's best loved lemur. Main camera. BBC Wildlife on One.

Gorilla Encounters

A scientist tries to get close to Western Lowland Gorillas. Wildlife Camera. Cicada Films for Animal Planet.

Salmon of a Lifetime

Retired comic actor Bernard Cribbins goes in search of a Norwegian whopper. Co-producer/DV Camera for Manfred Raguse Productions.

Wild Africa - Jungles

An exploration of the living heart of darkness. Sequence Camera. BBC. Winner Best Limited Series Jackson Hole 2003.


3 parter exploring our human origins. Synch./Wildlife Camera BBC 1.

Company of Ravens

Myth, magic, superstition... and a very smart bird. Camera. Partridge Films for WNET.

Life of Birds

David Attenborough's journey among our feathered friends. Synch./wildlife camera BBC.

Animal Minds

Just how smart are they? Sequence camera. Green Umbrella for BBC.

Bigfoot Monster Mystery

A tongue-in-cheek romp around the backwoods of Oregon. Camera/contributor. AVP Films for Channel 4.

Call of the Beast

On the trail of big cat sightings. Contributor/camera. Cicada Films for Channel 4.

Fifi's Boys

A family feud erupts among Jane Goodall's chimpanzees at Gombe. Producer/Camera. Partridge Films for BBC & WNET. Winner Special Environmental Prize, Albert, France 1996.

Temple Troop

The original cheeky monkeys of Sri Lanka. Camera. Green Umbrella for BBC.

Forces of the Wild

How elemental forces have shaped Nature and our views of the world. Camera. Partridge Films for WNET & Canal +


mobile: +44 (0)7980 915933




Aerial,  Animal Behaviour,  Blue/Green screen,  Cable Dolly,  Extreme Locations,  HD,  Hide Work,  High Speed/Slow Motion,  Infra Red,  Jib and Dolly,  Long Lens,  Motion Control,  Periscopes,  Primates,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Wild/Dangerous animals,  Wilderness experience.


Sony FS7 kit + extension unit, Metabones Speedbooster EF, Canon 10-22mm,Nikon 16mm fish-eye,Canon 20mm, Canon 24-70, Canon 70-200, 1.4X ext, Canon 300mm f2.8, Sigma 150-600mm Sports, Canon 100mm Macro + ext. tubes, Sony A7Sii camera, Go Pro rigs..