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Nick Turner

Lighting Cameraman

Stroud, United Kingdom

Natural history and documentary cameraman with 23 years experience working in diverse locations worldwide. Now BNUC-s qualified for aerial drone work with a UK CAA permit and a full 4K UAV kit. Extensive knowledge of remote camera systems, night filming techniques and motion control time-lapse. As well as undertaking sequence work I also run a specialist broadcast hire company TSHED -, building and hiring innovative new bits of kit including custom 4K camera traps, night vision cameras/time lapse gear and more.

Credits and Experience

PBS - Age of Nature - TX 2020

Sequence camera - the return of the Wolf to parts of Europe where populations had previously collapsed.

BBC NHU - A Wild Year - Fens - TX 2020

Drone operator for the programme over 18 months shooting seasonal change, wildlife landscapes, farming and lapsed time footage with the innovative Litchi APP. All shot with the DJI Inspire 2.

Seven Worlds - South America/Ecuador - BBC NHU - TX 2019.

Sequence work of Andean bears, the Pinocchio Lizard and dramatic cloud forest aerials - 4K camera traps, Red Helium/50-1000 and the DJI Inspire 2. Ecuador

Age of the Big Cat - Nepal/Tigers - TX 2018

Ammonite Films/Curiosity Channel - 4K Camera trap, thermal, colour lowlight and infrared sequences of Nepalese Tigers hunting at night in Bardia National Park, Nepal. Also aerials using DJI drones.

Silverback Films/Netflix/Our Planet - Siberian Tigers - 4K Trail Cameras

Further development and enhancement of the 4K trail camera system for use in the extreme cold of Siberia. 17 camera traps were deployed by the crew over 2 years to capture the entire sequence for this landmark Netflix series. A second sequence in Chernobyl was captured by the same traps when not in Siberia.

BBC NHU Dynasties - Engineering Development - 4k Trail Cameras

A new system developed using the Panasonic GH4 4K capable mirrorless camera. Housed in a ruggedised case with comprehensive software and electronics. Including new detection technology to eliminate false triggers and also long range secondary ruggedised wireless detectors for early warning. Multiple cameras can be triggered simultaneously. Further expansion to include Sony A7s options, IR light triggering and further software enhancements. Contact for info.

BBC NHU Oceans - Engineering Development - 4K Cineflex Jib

Devising and building a 4K Cineflex jib arm for use in rough seas in collaboration with structural & project engineers.

Five Films - Ren Kyst Marine Litter Project Part 2 - Tromso Municipality, Norway

DOP for the 2nd film to be made for the Norwegian government raising awareness on the issue of marine litter and the environmental impact of marine micro plastics in the arctic region of Northern Norway for the municipality of Tromso. Shot with Sony FS7, Cinesliders, & Camblock motion control time-lapse systems.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust - All Paths Lead to the Hill

Currently shooting this short film for GWT fundraising.

Deception - Sequence Camera - BBC NHU TX 2015

Sequence for this new Chris Packham programme of the cuckoo like behaviour of the Honeyguide bird towards another species, the Bee-eater. Underground miniature remote cameras with specially constructed miniature remote control IR lights, P2 Varicam, Bradley remote cameras, Camblock 3 axis motion control time-lapse.

Animal Births for Channel 4 - Windfall Films TX 2014

Remote camera installation for filming Orangutan births in Paignton Zoo. The system was designed to constantly record for 2 months to capture this previously unseen behaviour.

Five Films - Ren Kyst Marine Litter Project - Tromso Municipality, Norway

DOP for a short film raising awareness on the issue of marine litter and the environmental impact of marine micro plastics in the arctic region of Northern Norway for the municipality of Tromso. Shot with Red Epic & Camblock motion control time-lapse systems.

Stargazing Live 2014 - BBC SCIENCE

The excellent Stargazing Live on BBC 2, a pleasure to have our Starlight cameras involved once again with this superb astronomy programme. Starlight Operator UK Live OB's in locations around the UK with presenters Mark Thompson, Brian Cox & Diara o Briain

Planet Primate - BBC NHU TX 2014

Remote camera systems filming cave dwelling baboons in South Africa

Great Bear Stakeout - TX 2013

BBC NHU - Multiple remote cameras focus on Grizzlies in Katmai National Park Alaska.

Stargazing Live 2012 - BBC SCIENCE

Starlight Operator UK Live Programmes with presenters Mark Thompson, Brian Cox & Diara o Briain

Frozen Plant - Winter - BBC NHU

Polar Bear Den Birth Sequence Set Up - HD Infrared Bradley Camballs - Rigging of multi-camera/microphone infrared remote system in a specially built den enclosure at Ouwehands Zoo Holland.

Nightstalkers - Jaguar Ambush

Ammonite Ltd./National Geographic - Thermal & Starlight cameras capture nocturnal cat behaviour in a tropical dry forest, Costa Rica. TX 2012

The Natural World - Chimps of the Lost Gorge

Sequence Cameraman - HD Varicam, Motion Timelapse, Cable Dolly, Camera Traps, Remote Cameras - Uganda

Africa's Great Rift

BBC - Sequence Camera, High Definition Varicam and HD Image Intensifier, Uganda.

The Meerkats

BBC/Yaffle Films - Night Sequence Camera, South Africa.

Planet Earth

BBC - Sequence Camera, High Definition Varicam and HD Image Intensifier, Botswana.


CBS/Series 6,7,8,9,10. Assistant Camera. Nightfilming in the Amazon, Palau, Vanuatu, Panama using image intensified video cameras. CBS.

Life In The Undergrowth - Flight

BBC - Sequence camerawork and 'making of'. Mayfly emergence in Hungary with David Attenborough. Also assisting Martin Dohrn on HD and Photosonics.

Natural World - Elephant Cave

BBC - 2nd Unit Camera and Sound with Justine Evans. Salt mining Elephants on the slopes of Mount Elgon, Kenya. Remote cameras/night filming/documentary sync.
*Nominated in 2004 for a Royal Television Society Award for Cinematography.
* Best Film - BANFF Mountain Film Festival 2002

Natural World - Hotel Heliconia

BBC - Camera Assistant to Phil Savoie. Humming birds and the Heliconia flower in La Selva, Costa Rica. Macro/highspeed/cable dollies/climbing.

Natural World - Living With Carnivores

BBC - 2nd unit camera and sound with Justine Evans. People and wildlife conflict in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Night filming/remote camera/documentary sync.
*Winner of Best of Festival in 2001 at the Wildlife Europe Film Festival

Golden Lemurs and the Crocodile Caves

Survival Anglia - Night Sequence Camera with Nick Gordon. Filmed night sequences including Aye Aye, lemurs. Also daylight jib work.

Corcovado - Creature from the Black Lagoon

Survival Anglia - 2nd Unit Camera with Martin Dohrn/Ammonite. Costa Rican Jaguars and Peccaries. Survival.

Natural World - 3 Monkeys

BBC/Ammonite - 2nd Unit Camera with Martin Dohrn/Ammonite. Tropical dry forest monkeys in Santa Rosa NP. Costa Rica.

Wildlife on One - Bushbabies

BBC/Ammonite - Sequence Camera using nightvision cameras.

Natural World - Mara Nights

BBC/Ammonite - Camera Assistant to Martin Dohrn. Innovative night film capturing the Mara in previously unseen conditions under natural light at night using image intensifiers.


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mobile: +44 (0)7956 229591




16mm,  Aerial,  Cable Dolly,  Extreme Locations,  HD,  Image Intensifier,  Infra Red,  IRATA level 1,  Long Lens,  Low Light,  Macro/Studio,  Motion Control,  Night Filming,  Remote Camera Trap,  Remote Shooting,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Video,  Wilderness experience,  Working at Height.


Infrared Lights - GJD and BOSCH Super LED,  Lunax Starlight HD Image Intensified Camera (2 cameras),  Canon 5D Mk4 DSLR Timelapse Kits,  Litepanel 1x1 LED Lights,  Camblock Motion Control ,  Tshed GH5/A7S 4K Trail Camera System,  Kessler Cineslider 5ft,  Nikon D750 TL kits with depinned lenses,  DJI Inspire 2 Drone - X5S Camera,  Pulsar Thermal Spotting Scopes,  Sony FS7 Camera,  Kessler Second Shooter,  Canon 5DS R,  Panasonic GH5s IR and COLOUR versions,  Sony A7s Mk2,  Canon L series lenses.