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Andy Shillabeer

Director / Lighting Cameraman

San Francisco, USA

Director of Photography.
USA (San Francisco) +1 (1)408 6566010.
Cable dolly operator/rentals.
Motion control operator.
Rope access technician.

27 years experience with 35mm, HD, S16, Digital High Speed, Digibeta, and DV. Through diverse and award winning projects around the globe have gained expertise in a wide variety of filming techniques including natural history filming on location in the field and in the studio as well as documentary, drama/doc and sync filming.

* Best Cinematography (non-fiction) - Winner – Creative Arts EMMY Awards 2007 - BBC "Planet Earth” – “Pole to Pole" (camera team).
* Best Cinematography – winner – IWFF Montana - BBC “Planet Earth” – “Pole to Pole" (camera team).
* Best Cinematography – Winner – Jackson Hole Festival – BBC "Planet Earth” – “Pole to Pole" (camera team).
* Best Cinematography - Winner - Wildscreen 2006 - BBC "Planet Earth” – “Pole to Pole" (camera team).

Credits and Experience

"Planet Earth" - BBC NHU/Discovery Channel

sequence cameraman for Planet Earth series. Episodes - Pole to Pole; Temperate Forests; Deserts.

Production Credits

See my website for my full production credits and video clips of my work. A few most recent credits listed below.

"Migrations" - National Geographic

Cable dolly filming in Borneo rainforest canopy.

"Climbing Redwood Giants" - National Geographic Explorer

Principle cameraman for 50 minute film, including cable dolly work, steadicam, tracks and jibs.

"Invisible Worlds" - BBC Science

Mostly hi speed filming up to and above 100 000 frames per second with Phantom and Photron cameras. From bats in flight to lightning, 1000lb explosions to fungal spores and forest fires.


mobile: +1 (1)408 6566010



35mm,  Animal Behaviour,  Blue/Green screen,  Cable Dolly,  CSO,  Digibeta,  Documentary,  Endoscopes,  Extreme Locations,  HD,  HD 25p,  HDV,  IRATA level 1,  Long Lens,  Macro/Studio,  Mo-Sys motion control,  Motion Control,  Periscopes,  Probe Lenses,  Probescopes,  Reptiles,  Rock/Ice Climber,  Set Building,  Set Construction,  Slo-motion film & digital,  Steadicam,  Studio & exterior day & night lighting,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Video,  Working at Height.


Black Widow cable dolly system. Available for rental from,  Black Widow cable dolly system,  Spider-cine motion control system,  contact me for details of any kit you require..