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Tim Shepherd

Director / Lighting Cameraman

Exeter, United Kingdom

Tim Shepherd is a Freelance Director/Cameraman and Artist. He specialises in timelapse filming, particularly of plants growing and also macro filming of intricate animal behaviour. With a degree in Botany, Tim is keen to raise the profile and importance of plants in his work. He has been a major contributor to the BBC Series LIFE, PLANET EARTH, LIFE IN COLD BLOOD, LIFE IN THE UNDERGROWTH and his plant timelapses are in many BBC Science and Gardening productions.

Tim started his career at Oxford Scientific Films and went freelance in 1990. He has worked on many award winning productions including an EMMY, Kodak Vision Award and Panda Award for Specialist Cinematography for the 1996 production 'The Private Life of Plants', and Royal Television Society, Craft and Design Award for 'The Human Body'.

Tim's studio in Devon is fully equipped to shoot on 6 timelapse sets at any one time with timelapse motion control on up to 4 at a time.

Credits and Experience


Senior Cameraman for Plants programme, BBC 2009

Life in Cold Blood

Cameraman on 1 episode, BBC 2008

Life in the Undergrowth

Cameraman on 3 episodes, BBC 2005

Planet Earth

Cameraman in 3 episodes, BBC/Discovery 2005

The Nature of Britain

Cameraman on whole series, BBC 2007

British Isles - A Natural History

Cameraman on whole series, BBC 2004

The Timeless Thames

Director/cameraman. Mike Birkhead Associates Production for the BBC Production The Natural World.

Millennium Oak

Cameraman, Director and Co-Producer. BBC Production for The Natural World.

The Fatal Flower

Cameraman, Director and Co-Producer. BBC Production for The Natural World.

The Human Body

Cameraman on episodes 2, 4 and 6.

The Restless Year - A Timelapse Portrait of the Cotswolds

Cameraman, Director and Co-Producer. BBC.

The Immortal Salamander

Cameraman. Axolotl Films Production for BBC Wildlife on One.

The Private Life of Plants

Senior Cameraman on all six episodes. BBC.


Cameraman. BBC Wildlife on One.

Roof-top Invaders

Director and Cameraman. Survival/Anglia TV.

The Transformers - An Exploration of Metamorphosis

Cameraman. BBC Wildlife on One.

Killer Algae

Horizon BBC 2.

The Ultimate Guide - Spiders

Discovery Channel.

The Triumph of Life - episodes 2 and 6

Green Umbrella Ltd/DDE.

The Forbidden Fruit

Oxford Scientific Films production for the BBC.

The Battle of the Sexes - episode 6


Savage Skies

Granada TV.

The Ghosts of Ruby

Oxford Scientific Films Production for BBC Natural World Series.

Life on the Verge

Nature Watch, Central TV.

Pest Wars

Oxford Scientific Films Production for BBC 2 Horizon.

Australia's Mountain Cattlemen

Outremer Productions for Channel 4 Fragile Earth.


Oxford Scientific Films for Channel 4 and Discovery.

How to be a Gardener

BBC Bristol.


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mobile: +44 (0)7747 126045



Animal Behaviour,  Blue/Green screen,  Macro/Studio,  Plant growing timelapse,  Super 16,  Timelapse.


6 Digital timelapse kits (Nikon DSLR's) for field or studio use with various motion control setups, plant growing lights etc.,  Arri HSR2 (8-150fps) and full kit of accessories,  Lenses 8mm to 800mm,  Full macro kit - focus slides, many lenses, full periscope/straightscope system ( 45,90 degree prisms, probescope, u/w housing), fibre-optic cool lighting,  Studio with 3-phase power supply,  HMI Lighting kits,  For further details e-mail direct.