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Mark MacEwen

Director / Lighting Cameraman

Bristol, United Kingdom

Im a Bafta Award winning DOP / Wildlife Cameraman, working with BBC, National Geographic, Sky One, Discovery, etc I film both Wildlife and Documentary/ Science programs, Long Lens, People, Synch, Specialist macro camera work, 4K, HD, High speed mainly with Phantom 4K cameras and Lighting. And own a full MoVi Pro and Steadicam Rig and Drones holding a UK CAA permit and a full 4K UAV kit. .

Recently I was one of the Primary Cameramen filming on the award winning BBC series 'Planet Earth 2', being involved at the beginning and developing a style of the series. And am involved in many other high end and fast turnaround current productions.

Presenters I have worked with include David Attenborough, Stephen Fry, Kate Humble, Charlotte Uhlenbroek, Mike Dilger, Nick Baker, Ellie Harrison, Steve Backshaw, Michaela Straken, Steve Leonard, Chris Barry and Bill Oddie, Jonathan Scott, Mark Carwadine, Ben Fogle, Chris Packham, Liz Bonin.

I hold Working Visas for the USA and Australia.

Credits and Experience

Planet Earth 2, Islands, Jungles, Cities programs.

Primary series Cameraman working on Islands, Jungles and Cities programs and being involved from the beginning in helping develop the intimate feel and style for the series. I won a Bafta for cinematography for my work on the Urban program.

Planet Primate BBC 2012-2013, still in production June 2013.

Series cameraman filming both wildlife sequences and presenter sequences on the series. 3 x 1hrs BBC 1. Filmed on Red Epic, Varicam, C300 etc Filming primates round the world.

'Ice Age Giants' bbc 2012

Series cameraman on 3x1hr program's about the Ice Age, presented by Professor Alice Roberts. All in HD

BBC Series 'Africa',

Filmed chimpanzee honey pounding sequence, and Steadicam work on the Congo program. Filmed using Red Epic, Varicam and Steadicam, feb 2012

How Life Works, BBC 4x1hr, May-Nov 2011

Main Series Cameraman on series How life Works, BBC 4x1 hrs, around the world, Filming Wildlife sequences and Presenter. filmed using HD Varicam, Jibs, High Speed (memory cam, Photoron) Timelapse, Steadicam, Dollys etc

Animal Einsteins

Filming a presenter Led sequence with Liz Bonnin, on Vervet Monkeys, on the Carribbean Island of St. Kitts, for BBC Series Animal Einsteins, HD.

Great Barrier Reef, BBC NHU

Cameraman Filming sequences and motion control timelapses for a BBC series on the Great Barrier reef, filmed on HD varicam, using tracks, Jimmy Jibs, Long Lens, Timelapse, Motion Control, Macro.

The Truth about Lions, BBC science NHU

Final shoot. 2 x 1Hr programs filmed in Kenya and Tanzania, unravelling the science behind lions, presented by Jonathan Scott, filming wildlife and presenter. Using Steadicam, cranes, timelapse, Long lens, Synch, HD production.

BBC Africa

Running field tests in Masai Mara on infra red technology for the Africa series, and filming sequences in daylight as well. IR, Varicam, long lens.

Great Barrier Reef, BBC NHU

Cameraman Filming sequences and motion control timelapses for a BBC series on the Great Barrier reef, filming both topside and underwater, filmed on HD, using tracks, Jibs, Long Lens, Timelapse, Motion Control, Macro. On Heron Island.

Last Chance to See, BBC

Cameraman working with Stephen Fry and Mark Carwadine, filming a special on Northern White Rhino, in South Africa and Kenya, HD.


Principle Cameraman for the Urban program. DOP filming sequences about Consumption of modern society, filmed in Barcelona, Spain. Working with HD, Steadicam, Timelapse, Actors. (Winner of Cinematography at the International Wildlife Film Festival, in Missoula.)

The Truth about Lions, BBC science

2 x 1Hr programs filmed in Kenya and Tanzania, unravelling the science behind lions, presented by Jonathan Scott, filming wildlife and presenter. Using Steadicam, cranes, timelapse, HD production.


Principle Cameraman for the Urban program, filming a sequence on landmark series 'Human Planet' about falconer in Dubai, filmed on rooftops. Using HD, high speed, Steadicam, Cranes. (Winner of Cinematography at the International Wildlife Film Festival, in Missoula.)

BBC Natural World

DOP Filming a natural world final shoot in Gabon and CAR, shot on HD varicam, filming contributer and wildlife. Program title, 'Forest Elephants: Rumbles in the Jungle', BBC 2 1hr.

Human Planet, BBC.

Principle cameraman for the Urban program, filming in HD, using cranes, timplapse, high speed and steadicam, filming in the USA in Austin Texas and Estes Park Colorado, people based BBC landmark series. (Winner of Cinematography at the International Wildlife Film Festival, in Missoula.)

BBC 'Banded Brothers'

Main Cameraman/ loction director for 4 x 1hr series called "Banded Brothers" about Mongoose. Filmed on location in Uganda, shot on DV cam and HD Varicam, Timelapse, High Speed.

BBC Natural World

DOP on a BBC Natural World in Central African Republic, on Forest Elephants and Lowland Gorillas,filming wildlife and Synch with Andrea Turklo, Filmed on HD, panasonic Varicam.

Life in Cold Blood, Award winning (Bafta)

Principal Cameraman Program 5, Attenborough series ‘Life in Cold Blood: Armourd Giants’(Wildscreen Golden Panda Winner) (BAFTA Winner) HD shoots filming caiman in Argentina, Venezuela, working with long lens, infra red, macro and timelapse.. Filmed on Varicam and Panasonic HDX900. Primary Cameraman on prog 4 and 5.

Big Cat Live 2008

Cameraman on BBC ‘Big cat Live’, Working as Day and Night cameraman, using Digi Beta, Infra red and Thermal cameras. Capturing the first live lion kill on the internet. And working as a live Wildlife cameraman on the OB. It Won an RTS award.

Elephant the Emperor and the Butterfly Tree, Award winning.

Cameraman on BBC ‘Natural World’ filmed in Botswana, working title ‘Elly and the Emperor’, shot on Super 16, also using Infra red cameras and probes. Won Best of festival at Wildscreen Film Festival, (Golden Panda winner) UK, Best of festival at Telenatura film festival, Spain, Festival Winner in Japan.

Orangutan Diary

DOP filming 6x1hr programs for series called ‘Orang Diary’ in Indonesia at the Nyaru Menteng rehabilition centre in Indonesia, BBC.

DOP filming ‘Nick Bakers Weird Creatures'

DOP Filming 2 x 1Hr programs for channel 5, ‘Nick Bakers Weird Creatures’. One program in the Amazon hunting for the Candiru , the other on lake Titakaka finding the Saggy Skinned Frog, including timelapse. Winner of "Best presenter led program" at Missoula Film festival.

BBC Wild on Lemurs with Charlotte Uhlenbroek

Synch/Wildlife cameraman for the BBC filming a 50 minute program called wild with presenter ‘Charlotte Uhlenbroek’ with Ring Tailed Lemurs in Madagascar


Cameraman for BBC Autumwatch filming Wildlife and Synch with Kate Humble and Bill Oddie, and long lens work.

Autumwatch in Iceland

DOP in Iceland for Autumwatch, making 5 films with Kate Humble


Wildlife and Synch cameraman on Autumwatch, Using Digi Beta and the Photoron SA-1 High speed camera. Working with Bill oddie and Kate Humble.


Synch & wildlife cameraman on Spring watch, filming insert films with Bill Oddie and Kate Humble and being a wildlife and live cameraman during the Live show

Life in Cold Blood, Award winning (Bafta)

Filming for David Attenborough series ‘Life in Cold Blood’, Mangrove Snakes in Singapore, S16 and Infra red, timelapse, high speed. Program 4.

DOP filming ‘Nick Bakers Weird Creatures'

Synch/Wildlife cameraman for a 1hr presenter led program for Icon films in Argentina, Called ‘Nick Bakers Weird Creatures’, on the search for Pink Fairy Armadillo's

SKY ONE King Cobra 1hr Special

DOP for Sky One special on King Cobras 50 minute program, with presenter Steve Backshall, including macro and timelapse.

Really Wild Show

Synch/Wildlife Cameraman for BBC “Really Wild Show”, Filming a presenter (Nick Baker) and wildlife in Borneo, Komodo and Indonesia, also recording sound.

BBC Barn Owls, 10 minute film

Cameraman,(Wildlife) filmed a program for BBC ‘Wild on Barn Owls’.

BBC 'Really Wild Show'

Synch/Wildlife Cameraman for BBC ‘Really Wild Show’, filming Nick Baker on location in Madagascar, also recording sound.

BBC Series 'Britain Goes Wild'

Cameraman on BBC ‘Britain Goes Wild’ the largest live wildlife program, also developed over 60 specialist cameras used for remote work

Kill or Cure

Specialist Macro Cameraman on 6 part Parasite series for Discovery channel

A Feast of Dates

Camera assistant on High Def. shoot for Oxford Scientific Films including operating a Jimi Jib


Cameraman working for David Spears Clouds Hill Imaging on LWT series

Land of the Dinosaurs

BBC. Camera Assistant. 35mm


Channel 4. Camera Assistant. Super 16


C4. Camera assistant

Tales of Belize

National Geographic. Cameraman. DV

Living Britain

BBC NHU. Researcher/Field Assistant

To Hell and Back

BBC. Camera assistant

Living Britain

Assisted cameraman

People of the Sea (Award Winning)

BBC/National Geographic. Assisted cameraman

National Geographic

Internship in Washington, USA


telephone: +44 (0)7974 194147

mobile: +44 (0)7974 194147




16mm,  Adventure,  Animal Behaviour,  Arri Alexa,  Digibeta,  Documentary,  DVCAM,  Expedition,  Extreme Environments (arctic, desert, mountain),  Extreme Locations,  Field Craft,  Hand-held Documentary,  HD,  Hide Work,  High Speed,  Infra Red,  Irata Rope Access,  Jib and Dolly,  Long Lens,  Macro/Studio,  Night Filming,  Polecam Operator,  Primates,  Probe Lenses,  Remote Camera Trap,  Reptiles,  Set Building,  Steadicam,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Thermal Imaging,  Timelapse,  Video,  Wild/Dangerous animals,  Wilderness experience.


I hold a valid Australian Working Visa.,  Mobile dolly,  Steadicam Archer 2 full rig with G50 arm,  HDSLR Canon 7D, 1080p, and 720p at 60fps,  Access to all types of filming equipiment,  Reflectors, lights, etc,  Stills Kit,  Macro Kit,  I have three complete Digital Timelapse systems,  Kessler Cineslider,  Moco Timelapse system,  Canon C300,  MoVi Pro full kit, Follow focus, monitors, wireless, lenses.