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Graham Hatherley

Lighting Cameraman

Dorset, United Kingdom

Multiple award winning cameraman and biologist for long lens, macro and presenter work since 1998. Drone permit, sequence experience filming science documentaries, Attenborough series, magazine wildlife shows, landmarks and one hour specials. A lifelong birder, naturalist and lighting director-cameraman.

Own kit: Panasonic Varicam LT Cinema camera for 4k / HD, slow motion, long lenses, macro, 2 x radio mics, shotgun and parabolic mics, Canon 7D timelapse kit, latest Go Pro Hero 5 and Session cameras, hides, 4x4, tower.

Drone (UAV) camera operator and pilot.

BAFTA (camera team) and GTC award for The Hunt,
RTS award for camerawork, BBC South.

2:1 degree in Biology.

Remote First Aid certificate, current to 2018.
Canopy access qualifiaction BCAP.
PfCO permission and insurance to fly drones commercially for filming in UK and other airspace. Experienced with DJI Inspire 1 Pro, Phantom 4, Yuneec and others.

Local hire for slider, osmo, dollies, jib, lighting, grip and other kit.

Credits and Experience

The Secret Life of The Zoo

Director of Photography for series 6 and 7 of this popular Channel 4 factual show following the lives of Chester Zoo's animals, great and small. From dead leaf mantises to asian elephants, blue morpho butterflies to jaguars, The Secret Life of The Zoo tells 64 true stories over the two series.

Oryx, Quest Arabia

Documentary following the most ambitious wildlife reintroduction project ever undertaken: The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi bringing 500 scimitar-horned oryx to the Sahel region of Chad. Extinct in the wild for 30 years, the EAA, Chad Government, Sahara Conservation Fund, Zoological Society of London and other NGOs are protecting an area twice the size of Scotland so scimitar-horned oryx can once again roam free. For Image nation, Abu Dhabi.

Wild Britain, Channel 5

Spectacular UK wildlife series for Plimsoll productions featuring great bustards, golden eagles, rutting fallow deer, a hunting goshawk, red squirrels hiding chestnuts and other inspiring British countryside experiences.

Hugh's Wild West, BBC2

Wildlife camerawork featuring seabirds and other wildlife on the Jurassic Coast for this BBC2 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall series by Keo Films.

The Hunt: Jungles

Harpy eagle sequence photography for this BBC1 Attenborough blockbuster. Producer: Jonnie Hughes

Winterwatch 2015

An ancient and mysterious yew wood offers sanctuary in the bleak season for some of our countryside's hidden jewels. BBC2

Sony TV commercial for the A6000 camera

High speed photography of a chameleon catching preying mantis in gorgeous slow-motion to advertise the fast autofocus of Sony's new A6000 camera. Shot on Phantom Flex 4K and Arri Alexa, with stills from the A6000.

Highlands: Scotlands Wild Heart

Wildlife filming. In Production.

Hive Alive

Macro filming for this 2 part series revealing the biology of the extraordinary honey bee. BBC2


Wildlife filming for this popular BBC2 series.

Inside Out

BBC1 regional series often exploring wildlife topics. I have filmed short films for Inside Out every year from 2001 to present.

The Great British Year

Sequence work (mostly macro) and time-lapse work for this BBC1 series about UK wildlife.

The Secret life of Rockpools

Professor Richard Fortey explores the range of wildlife adapted to our rocky shores. BBC Scotland for BBC4

Urban Jungle

Each BBC Region explores the spectacular and approachable wildlife experiences in their patch. BBC1 Summer 2013

Britain's Big Wildlife Revival

A host of wildlife experts showcase the best wildlife the UK has to offer and highlight efforts to protect it. BBC1 September 2013

The Monkey-Eating Eagle of The Orinoco

BBC Natural World following Fergus Beeley as he explores a region of tropical humid forest to study harpy eagles and the creatures that share the rainforest canopy. Cameraman

Butterflies, A very British Obsession

BBC Natural World. A visual feast of UK butterflies and some of the remarkable people whose lives are dedicated to them. Cameraman.

Springwatch and Autumnwatch

Popular BBC seasonal wildlife shows. Cameraman.

A Highland Haven

BBC Natural World film featuring white-tailed eagles, black-throated divers and Fergus Beeley discovering a remarkable Scottish wilderness. Cameraman.


Popular BBC series. Greenland white-fronted geese and the story of the Wexford Cott in SE Ireland. Also High tide on the Dee estuary. Cameraman.

The One Show

Numeroius wildlife items for this popular BBC1 magazine show. Cameraman.

Nature of Britain

Landmark BBC1 wildlife series. As well as filming wildlife for some of the main programmes, I also filmed wildlife for the User’s Guide and regional opts in most of the English regions.

Nature's Top 40

Wildlife cameraman for this 10 x 30 minute BBC2 wildlife series on the UK’s top wildlife spectacles.

Wild Gardens

Filmed wild otters, birds, insects and other wildlife for HTV’s gardening show.

Monkey Life

Channel 5 Series about the characters at Monkey World. Cameraman.

Oryx: Freed Spirit of The Desert

50 minute HD documentary about the return of the mythical Oryx to UAE.

Nature's Calendar

Principal wildlife cameraman for this 40 x 30 minute BBC2 wildlife series.

Hands On Nature

Principal wildlife cameraman for this 10 x 30 minute BBC2 wildlife series.

Life In The Undergrowth

David Attenborough’s BBC invertebrate blockbuster. Cameraman for various macro sequences.

Inside Out

Over 50 wildlife items in this popular BBC1 regional series for BBC South, BBC South West and BBC London.


telephone: +44 (0)1747 811320

mobile: +44 (0)7775 783156




35mm,  Animal Behaviour,  Arri Alexa,  Birds in Flight,  Extreme Locations,  Field Craft,  HD,  Hide Work,  High Speed/Slow Motion,  Irata Rope Access,  Long Lens,  Macro/Studio,  Primates,  Probescopes,  Reptiles,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Wilderness experience.


Panasonic Varicam LT 35mm sensor (HD, 4k, pre-rec, up to 200fps, dual ISO, all the codecs) 28-300mm Canon zoom, DIT kit,  Long lenses: Canon 400mm T2.8, Canon 600mm T4.5, Canon 28-300mm f3.8-5.6.,  Macro lens: Tamron 90mm f2.8,  Timelapse: Canon EOS 7D and EF lenses,  Access to DJI Inspire Pro 1and Phantom 4 drones (UAVs) as well as a large hexacopter: Yuneec H920 with CGO4 camera (Panasonic GH4) 4k and optical zoom. ,  Drone (UAV) small hexacopter: Yuneec Typhoon H (HD, fixed wide lens, fast and light)..