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Justine Evans

Director / Lighting Cameraman

London, United Kingdom

My film camera career began in 1991 after I completed film school at the Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design. I am a very versatile, award-winning sync and wildlife camerawoman and have many years filming experience in tropical, temperate,desert and arctic conditions. Qualified as an IRATA level 1 climber, I have spent long periods working at height especially in tropical forests. I also have much experience working at night with image intensifying and infra red cameras. Along with my colleagues at Tshed, I own two unique high definition image intensifying cameras and one standard definition version. All available for hire through me or by contacting

Credits and Experience

The Dark

BBC series 2011/2012 - presenter/camerawoman on an expedition-style series of programmes about wildlife at night in Central & South America

Stargazing Live

BBC 2011 - camerawoman filming presenters, Jonathan Ross, Dara O'Briain and Mark Thompson in a live astronomy broadcast.


BBC series 2011 - camerawoman in Namibia and Zambia

Frozen Planet

BBC series 2010 - Camerawoman in Greenland filming scientists researching moulins

Expedition Tiger

BBC high definition series 2010 Camerawoman/presenter in Bhutan

Lost Chimps of Kyambura

BBC Natural World 2010 - camerawoman, Uganda. High Definition


BBC series 2009 - camerawoman & on-screen contributor, Thailand, Guinea & Svalbard. High Definition, tropical, canopy & Arctic sequences.

Earth the Movie

Cinema release production 2008 - camerawoman. High Definition.

Lost Land of the Jaguar

BBC expedition series 2008 - presenter/camerawoman, Guyana. High Definition canopy sequences & obs doc.

Expedition Alaska

Indus Films 2007 - presenter/camerawoman, Alaska. High Definition series for Discovery about climate change.

Meerkats the Movie

Yaffle Films 2007 - camerawoman, Kalahari, South Africa. Cinema release production, night infra red wildlife sequences.

Snow Leopards Beyond the Myth

BBC Natural World 2007 - Northern Pakistan. High Definition, obs doc filming.

Wild China

BBC series 2006 - camerawoman, China. High Definition, obs doc and wildlife sequences

Expedition Borneo

BBC 2006 - sequence camerawoman and on-screen contributor. High Definition.

Planet Earth

BBC series 2004-'06 - sequence camerawoman, High Definition

Elephant Cave

BBC Natural World - co-producer and camerawoman, Kenya. Nominated in 2004 for a Royal Television Society Award for Cinematography. Super 16mm, infra red and low light video (in caves), sync and wildlife sequences, time lapse & aerials.

Transylvania - Living With Predators

BBC Natural World - co-producer and camerawoman, Romania. Winner of Best of Festival in 2001 at the Wildlife Europe Film Festival. Super 16mm, lowlight video, sync and wildlife sequences, time lapse & aerials.

The Life Of Mammals

BBC David Attenborough series - sequence camerawoman, U.S, Costa Rica, Panama Thailand & The Gambia. Nominated in 2003 for a BAFTA, Factual Photography Team Award. Super 16mm, sync and wildlife sequences, canopy filming.


CBS U.S reality TV show - sequence camerawoman, Palau, Vanuatu, Panama, Brazil, French Polynesia. Lowlight night filming.

Journey Of Life

BBC evolution series - sequence camerawoman, Namibia. Super 16mm, sync filming of Bushmen, & aerials.

Ladies Of Viramba

BBC Natural World - camerawoman, Tanzania. Super 16mm, mini-video, sync and wildlife sequences of baboons (mostly handheld filming).

Up With The Gibbons

BBC Wildlife on One - principal camerawoman, Thailand. Super 16mm, whole film shot from the forest canopy.

Heroes Of The High Frontier

National Geographic Special - camerawoman, Borneo, Costa Rica. Winner of an EMMY Super 16mm, canopy filming

The Life Of Birds

BBC David Attenborough series - sequence camerawoman, Venezuela, New Zealand, UK

Hyrax - Little Brother Of The Elephant

BBC Wildlife on One - camerawoman, Zimbabwe. Super 16mm, remote video.

Mara Nights

BBC Natural World - camerawoman

Panama Gold

National Geographic Explorer - camerawoman

Oman - Jewel Of Arabia

BBC Natural World


mobile: +44 (0)7974 898364




35mm,  Adventure,  Animal Behaviour,  Extreme Locations,  HD,  Image Intensifier,  Infra Red,  Long Lens,  Night Filming,  Super 16,  Sync Shooting,  Timelapse,  Wilderness experience,  Working at Height.


See for full kit hire options, equipment available includes:,  High Definition infra red camera kit,  Lowlight image intensifying camera,  Range of long, medium and wide angle lenses,  Infra red lights,  Crane & hot head,  Motorised Pan and Tilt head,  Time lapse kits,  Tree Mounts & platforms,  Climbing Equipment,  Canon Stills Equipment,  Flir Thermal Scope.