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IAWF Constitution

Adopted at a committee meeting of the IAWF on Tuesday, 8th January 2019 at Films At 59, 59 Cotham Hill, Bristol.

The name of the association is the International Association of Wildlife Film-makers (and in this document is called ‘the IAWF’).

The objectives of the IAWF are: 3.1 to share latest news, information, guidance and support among professional wildlife film-makers on all professional issues to do with wildlife film-making as a career. 3.2 to give wildlife film-makers a shop window for potential clients using individual IAWF member profiles on the IAWF website.

4.1 The IAWF has the following powers, which may be exercised only in promoting the objectives:

(a) to provide education, information and advice;

(b) to publish or distribute information, and to publish journals and literature relating to the profession of the wildlife cameraperson;

(c) to cooperate with other relevant organisations and individuals;

(d) to raise funds;

(e) to set aside funds for special purposes or as reserves against future expenditure;

(f) to deposit or invest funds in any lawful manner;

(g) to insure the IAWF against any foreseeable risk and take out insurance policies to protect the IAWF where required;

(h) subject to clause 10.2, to engage paid or unpaid agents;

(i) to enter into agreements; and

(j) to do anything else, within the law, which promotes the objectives.

5.1 Membership of the IAWF is open to individuals earning a significant part of their income from filming wildlife. Membership of the IAWF also brings all the benefits of our parent organisation, the GTC. Admission to IAWF membership will be at the discretion of the IAWF committee

5.2  The IAWF Committee shall determine grades of membership, subscription rates and voting eligibility. 

5.3 Membership of the IAWF is not transferable.

5.4 The committee may suspend or terminate the membership of any individual or organisation in any of the following circumstances:

(a)  non-payment of their subscription;

(b)  on the death of the member;

(c)  if the individual ceases to work in wildlife film-making;

(d)  when continued membership would, in the reasonable view of the committee, and in consideration of any representation by that member, be harmful to the IAWF.

5.5 Where the committee has resolved to suspend or terminate membership, the committee will provide written notice of suspension or termination to that member.

5.6 Where membership is suspended or terminated, or the member has resigned, a member shall have no claim to a return of monies paid by the member to the IAWF in relation to membership and subscription fees.

5.7 A member may resign his membership by written notice to the committee.

6.1 Regular IAWF committee meetings shall be held each year.

6.2 The committee shall keep the membership informed of developments within the IAWF and in the wildlife film industry in general.

6.3 The chairman of the IAWF (or, if the chairman is unwilling or unavailable to do so, another member who is eligible to vote at such a meeting, and who is elected by a majority of those present) presides at IAWF Meetings.

6.4 Except where otherwise provided in the constitution, every issue at an IAWF committee meeting is determined by a majority of the votes cast by the committee members present and eligible to vote.

6.5 Every member eligible to vote is entitled to one vote on every issue. In the case of an equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting has a casting vote.

7.1 The IAWF, its property and funds, shall be managed and administered by the IAWF committee.

7.2 The committee shall consist of at least six and not more than twenty Members including the Secretary.

7.3 The committee consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and other posts as determined by the committee from time to time. The committee may elect (by a majority vote) individual committee members to these posts from time to time.

8.1 The committee must hold at least one meeting each year.

8.2 A quorum at a committee meeting is a majority of those present.

8.3 The Chairman, or another committee member chosen by the members present, will preside at each committee meeting.

8.4 All normal meetings will be convened by giving a minimum of one weeks notice to committee members, along with an agenda of matters to be discussed at the meeting.

8.5 Every committee member has one vote and every issue will be determined by a simple majority of the votes cast at a committee meeting, with the exception of the chairman of the meeting, who has a second casting vote in the case of a tied decision.

8.6 Minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the IAWF, the committee and all other meetings of committee members, will be kept. The minutes shall be signed by the Chairman, subject to any amendments, as a correct record, at the next meeting.

The committee has the following powers:

9.1 To appoint a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and other honorary officers.

9.2 To make rules and regulations consistent with this constitution.

9.3 To establish procedures to assist in the resolution of any disputes within the IAWF.

9.4 To exercise any powers of the IAWF that are not reserved to a general meeting.

10.1 The property and funds of the IAWF must be used only for promoting the IAWF’s objectives and does not belong to the IAWF committee or members.

10.2 No committee member may receive any payment of money or other material benefit (whether direct or indirect) from the IAWF except:

(a) reimbursement of reasonable expenses as determined by committee;

(b) an indemnity (as provided under clause 4.1(h) in respect of liabilities properly incurred in running the IAWF;

(c) subject to clause 10.3, any committee member who possesses specialist skills or knowledge, and any firm or company of which such a person is a member or employee, may be paid reasonable fees, as agreed by the committee, for work carried out for the IAWF;

(d) In exceptional cases, other payments may be made or material benefits given, with the prior approval of committee.

10.3 Whenever a committee member has a personal interest in a matter to be discussed at a committee meeting, the committee member must:

(a) declare an interest in the matter before discussion begins;

(b) withdraw from that part of the meeting, unless expressly invited to remain in order to provide information;

(c) withdraw during the vote, and have no vote in the matter.

11.1 The committee shall be responsible for:

(a) keeping the accounting records of the IAWF; and (b) the preparation of annual statements of account for the IAWF.

11.2 The committee must keep proper records of all proceedings at meetings.

11.3 The IAWF in general meetings may, from time to time, impose reasonable restrictions as to the time and the manner of the inspection by members of the accounts and books of the IAWF and, subject to these restrictions, the accounts and books of the IAWF shall be open to inspection by Members.

Any provision of this constitution may be amended at an IAWF committee meeting, provided that any resolution in this respect is passed by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast.

13.1 A vote to dissolve the IAWF can only be held at an extraordinary general meeting and will require a majority vote of a minimum of two-thirds of the total IAWF membership. In the case of a vote in favour of dissolution, then the committee will remain in office, and will be responsible for the orderly winding up of the IAWF.

13.2 After making provision for all outstanding liabilities of the IAWF, the Committee may distribute remaining property and funds in one or more of the following ways:

(a) directly for the IAWF objectives;

(b) by transfer to one or more other bodies established to provide similar objectives and aims as the IAWF.